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Robert Ricketts and Susannah Wilson

Bedford (then Huntingdon, now Mifflin) County, Pennsylvania
Mason County, Kentucky
Dearborn (now Ohio) County, Indiana

Ricketts is also spelled Rickeots, Rickeotts, Rickett, Rickets, Ricket, Rickel, Rickle, Rickels, and Rickles.


Ohio County, Indiana was first created in 1844 from Dearborn County. The county seat is Rising Sun which is in Randolph Township. Ohio County is in southeast Indiana on the Kentucky border. In 1826, the Dearborn County Courthouse burned containing all records.

European and indiginous American fought fierce battles as the Europeans expanded their territory.

Kentucky was originally a Virginia county and included the lands west of the Appalachians. In 1780, it was divided into Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties. Kentucky officially became a state on June 1, 1792.

The Dutch were the first Europeans claim land in New Jersey. The region became a territory of England in 1664 when an English fleet sailed into New York Harbor and took control of Fort Amsterdam.

Robert Ricketts and Susannah Wilson married about 1786.

The Ricketts family had moved to Pennsylvania by the time of the Revolution. They lived in the Kishacoquillas Valley of Central Pennsylvania in an area of Bedford County that became Huntingdon County in 1787. It was later annexed to Mifflin County.

The first three children were born in Pennsylvania. John Ricketts was born on February 1, 1787.

In 1788 Robert was taxed in Frankstown Township in Pennsylvania.

Phoebe Ricketts Sheridan was born about 1789 and Hannah Ricketts Buchanan was born about 1790.

They lived in Pennsylvania for about ten years after the Revolution, then moved to Mason County, Kentucky where the next seven children were born. Robert's name appeared on the 1790 tax list there as well as in the 1790 census.

William Ricketts was born on January 26, 1792. Susannah Ricketts Moulton was born on February 21, 1794. Robert Ricketts was born on July 14, 1795. Isaac Ricketts was born on September 15, 1798. Edward Ricketts was born about 1799.

In 1800, Robert Ricketts was taxed in Mason County, Kentucky.

Elizabeth Ricketts Larew Blankenship was born on October 18, 1801. Rebecca Ricketts Winings was born on January 3, 1803.

The Ricketts family relocated to Indiana in about 1804.

In 1805, 50 of Robert Ricketts acres in Mason County, Kentucky were sold for the nonpayment of taxes.

land sold

Robert had 158 acres surveyed in Dearborn County, Indiana in 1804. The last three children were born in Dearborn (now Ohio) County, Indiana. Robert Ricketts settled in the township quite early. General Wayne’s 1795 treaty with the indigenous people encouraged settlement in Dearborn County. Most of the new settlers were Revolutionary soldiers who found themselves in straitened circumstances. They were

a brave and independent class of people. They had suffered and fought for what they deemed just and were ready again to suffer and to fight. They brought with them their household goods and the desire to build society on a foundation that would be sound and enduring. They were ready to conquer the forest, the savage beast and the more savage race of red men that opposed their coming and were justly jealous of their occupancy of what to them was a hunting ground. (History of Dearborn County, p. 283)

During the war with indigenous people, the Ricketts cabin was a place they could defend. Robert was one of the mounted rangers.

Margaret Ricketts Kelso was born on April 24, 1806. Sarah Ricketts Winings was born on December 24, 1807.

Robert appeared in the 1807 Indiana state census of males over 21. He was in Dearborn County.

Vienna Louise Ricketts Moulton was born about 1813. In 1814 Susannah married John Moulton. Sixteen years later, in 1830, Vienna married his younger brother Jeremiah.

Two of their children married into the Abraham Larew and Abigail Rittenhouse family who were from Hunterdon, New Jersey. In 1816 Robert, Jr. married Ann Larew whose brother Garret married Elizabeth in 1817. John married in 1817 as well.

At the time of the 1820 census, Robert Ricketts was living in Randolph, Dearborn County, Indiana.

A man and a woman over 45
2 boys between 16 and 25
2 girls between 10 and 15
2 children under 16
6 other people

Two daughters married into the John Wining and Elizabeth (Grider) family. Rebecca married Daniel Winings on January 13, 1821 and Sarah married his brother, Abraham, on August 5, 1824. Two daughters, Susannah and Vienna married into the John Moulton family.

At the time of the 1830 census, Robert Ricketts was still living in Randolph, Dearborn County, Indiana.

At the time of 1840 census, Robert Ricketts was still living in Randolph, Dearborn County, Indiana.

In 1850 they were in Division 2 of Ohio County, Indiana. The household consisted of 85 year old Robert, 83 year old Susan and 13 year old Elloner Conover. Their real estate was worth $6,500.

Robert died on February 14, 1853 and Susannah died on February 20, 1853. At the time they died, they had 11 living children.

Shays's Rebellion was an armed uprising in Massachusetts in 1786 and 1787. Daniel Shays led four thousand rebels (Shaysites) in rising up against perceived economic injustices.

Daniel Shays and Job Shattuck
from Bickerstaff's Boston Almanack

Mason County, Kentucky was established by the Virginia legislature in 1788 from Bourbon County. Nineteen Kentucky counties were formed from the original Mason County.

Hunterdon County was originally part of Burlington County, West Jersey. It was set off from Burlington County on March 11, 1714. It included Amwell, Hopewell, and Maidenhead Townships.

Indiana became a state in 1819. The north was settled by people from New England and New York, the center by people from the Mid-Atlantic states and Ohio, and the south by people from Southern states, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee.

Most Americans were farmers in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.



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