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Thomas Pugh was born 1685 in Wales. He was brought to America by his parents in 1687. His father taught him to be a mason.

On October 23, 1710, he married Jane Rogers at the Harvorford (Radnor) Monthly Meeting. Jane was the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Rogers.

Jesse Pugh (1711)
Roger Pugh (1713, married Sarah Handem)
Hannaniah Pugh (1715, married Mary Davis)
Michael Pugh (1717, married Hannah Davis),
Catherine Pugh (1721, married Benjamin Rhoads and James Travilla),
Azariah Pugh (1721),
Thomas Pugh (1723, married Jane Lewis).

They made their home in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

His will was written on March 3, 1723 and was proven on October 1, 1723.


Jesse Pugh was born in 1711 in Gwyedd. He was the son of Thomas Pugh and Jane Rogers.

He married Alice Malin on April 15, 1731 at Goshen monthly meeting. Alice Malin, was born on November 29, 1711 in Goshen, Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Isaac Malin, Sr. and Elizabeth Jones.

Alice Pugh
Thomas Pugh
Jane Pugh (1745, married Edward Beeson).

About 1741, they moved to Frederick County, Virginia.

Jesse kept an ordinary in Frederick County.

The next autumn, on the 6th day of 10th month, 1760, at Hopewell Monthly Meeting Jesse Pugh, Enos Thomas, Jonathan Parkins, William Dillon, Henry Rees (Reece), and Joseph Lupton were appointed to visit "a scattered number of friends Living on Mill Crick,

8 November 1770, Frederick County Order Book 15, p. 57
Ordered that Robert Wood, John Lupton, Jeremiah Smith and John Thomas or any three of them being first sworn, do view the Road leading from Hog’s Creek to Jessee Pughs Mill, and the road petitioned for from the said Mill to Marlbro Furnace and report which will be the most proper road to Establish, or whether both of them will be Necessary for the Publick, to the next Court

4 December 1770, Frederick County Order Book 15, p. 99
Robert Wood, John Lupton and John Thomas having been appointed to View the Ground from Hogs Creek to Jesse Pugh’s Mill & from the said Mill to Marlbro Furnace

Jesse died on April 26, 1794.


Thomas Pugh was born on November 16, 1731. He was the son of Jesse Pugh and Alice Malin.

He married Anne Wright about 1753. She was born on January 29, 1724/25 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her parents were James Wright and Mary Bowater. She had been married before to James Adams McCool, Sr.
Mary Polly McCool (1743)
John McCool (1745, married Eleanor Lewis)
James Adams McCool, Jr. (1747, married Deborah Jay)
Martha McCool (1749)
Gabriel McCool (1751)

Thomas and Anne's children probably included:
Alice Pugh (1754)
Elizabeth Pugh (1755, married John Jay, Sr.)
Sarah Pugh (1758, married Evan Rogers)
Jane Pugh (1762, married Walter Denny)
Lydia Pugh (1767, and Richard Pemberton) and
Rachel Pugh (1770, married Michael Jenkins).

On June 3, 1743, Thomas and Ann sold 93 acres for 50 pounds to Lydia Malin, executrix of David Malin, deceased.

On September 5, 1758, Thomas bought 400 acres from George and Martha Julian.

On May 1, 1769, Thomas,, Ann and children Gabriel, Jane, Alice, Elizabeth (Betty), Ann and Lydia Pugh received a Certificate of Membership to Bush River, Newberry County, South Carolina.

On November 10, 1773, Thomas and Ann sold 307 acres to John McCoole for 280 pounds.

On June 2, 1777, Thomas and Ann and children Jean (Jane), Ann, Lydia and Rachel received a certificate of membership to Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Frederick County, Virginia

Thomas wrote his will on January 2, 1787. On June 2, 1789 the will was proved in Frederick County, Virginia. It was witnessed byAnn Gaffert, John McKee and William Lewis.

Anne died on April 7, 1801 in Back Creek, Frederick County, Virginia.











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