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John Plumlee


Also spelled Plumlee, Plumley, Plumly, Plumbly, Plumyle, Plumblee


John Plumly was born about 1766 in Dunmore (now Shenandoah) County, Virginia. His parents were William Plumly and Phoebe Denton.

He married Elizabeth Neill. Elizabeth was born about 1772 in Burke County, North Carolina.

William Plumly (1792, married Elizabeth Moss),
Archibald Plumly (1794, married Ruth Odell, daughter of Jeremiah Odell),
John Plumly (1797, married Elizabeth Denton, daughter of Isaac Denton),
Mary A. Plumly (1800, married Zachariah Potter),
Denton Plumly (1803, married Nancy Johnson),
Abraham Plumly (1804),
Clinton Plumly (1806),
Kendale Plumly (1808),
Stephen Plumly (1809)
Sarah Plumly (1814, married George Williamson)
Isaac Plumly (1815, married Charlotte Jackson)
Ben Alvin Plumly
Thompson Plumly

About 1795, they moved to Clay County, Tennessee.

John died about 1820 in Clay County, Tennessee.

North Carolina was one of the thirteen original Colonies. It was first settled by small farmers and grew quickly in the mid 18th century.






from Some of the Descendants of Rev. Richard Denton by Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley

John Plumley (Plumlee) son of William Plumley and wife Phebe Denton, was the first white settler in the present bounds of Clay County, Tennessee, west of Cumberland River.

John Plumley married and his children were;
1. William (Billie) Plumley, wounded at Battle of New Orleans, January 7, 1815. Remained crippled. His cabin now a corn crib on farm of Mrs. Calvin Moss at Plumlee (Denton’s) Cross Roads near Moss, Tennessee. William married Elizabeth Moss and their children were: (a) Peggy Plumlee married Billie Whitson. (b) Adeline Plumlee married Tom Sims. (c) Sam Plumlee married Elizabeth Moore (See Garrett Moore and Agnes Denton). (d) Dave Plumlee married Mrs. Sally White (nee. Sally Meadows). (e) Stephen Plumlee married Virginia Johnson.
2. Stephen Plumlee.
3. Denton Plumlee.
4. Archibald (Archie) Plumlee.
5. Johnnie Plumlee.
6. Ben Alvin Plumlee.
7. Thompson Plumlee.
8 . Isaac Plumlee.
9. Kendall Plumlee. Isaac and Kendall were twins. One of these brothers, either Archie or Isaac, died at New Orleans, January 8, 1815, from battle wounds.


from A History of the State of Oklahoma, Volume 1 by Luther B. Hill

Dr. Monroe Plumlee, who has been engaged in a growing medical practice at Poteau for a period of thirteen years, comes of an old substantial southern family, his great-grandfather, John Plumlee, residing in Virginia during the progress of the Revolutionary war. The family appears to have been well established in the old Dominion at the time of the adoption of the national constitution and it is therefore classed as one of the original families of the nation.

This forefather afterward migrated to Clay county, Tennessee, where his son, Denton Plumlee, was born, dying in that section of the state in 1878, at the age of eighty years. This representative of the family was the grandfather of Dr. Monroe Plumlee and passed his entire life as a farmer of middle Tennessee. He married Miss Nancy Johnson, a daughter of Ben Johnson, and to them were born William, the father of Dr. Plumlee, Samuel, George, Mrs. Polly A. Hughes, Mrs. Betty Fraley, Frank, Andrew and Mrs. Sarilda Pennington. Both parents died in Clay county...

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