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The Pickering Family

Essex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when it ordered "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four sheires."

Samuel Pickering was baptized on August 3, 1684 in Salem, Essex County Massachusetts.

He married Mary Scarborough Pickering Lupton.

They lived in Solebury, Bucks County Pennsylvania between the upper and lower York roads, two miles east of Lahaska.

John and Mary's children probably included:

Mercy Pickering (1713),
John Pickering (1715, married Hannah Dawes),
Isaac Pickering (1716, married Sarah Lupton),
Samuel Pickering (1718, married Grace Stackhouse),
Grace Pickering (1722, married William Lupton), and
William Pickering (1727, married Sarah Wright).

Samuel died on August 10, 1727.

She married Joseph Lupton in 1730. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on Joseph and Mary Lupton.

Mary died on May 25, 1760. Frederick County, Virginia.

First printed in Boston 1745

The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.


Samuel Pickering was born in 1718.

He married Grace Stackhouse. He was the son of Samuel Pickering and Mary Scarborough Pickering Lupton.

Mary Pickering (1748, married Richard Fawcett)
Jacob Pickering (1750, married Hannah Ellis)
Benjamin Pickering (1752, married Rebecca Ellis)
Sarah Pickering (1754)
Samuel Pickering, Jr. (1757, married Phebe Lykins)
Isaac Pickering (1759)
Jonathan Pickering (1761)
John Pickering (1763, married Sarah Lykins)
Grace Pickering (1765, married James Jones)
Mercy Pickering (1767)
Rachel Pickering (1770)
Hannah Pickering (1773).

In 1771 the Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Frederick County, Virginia appointed Samuel Pickering as one of those to meet the committee from the quarterly meeting.

In 1773 Samuel, Grace, and their children Jacob, Samuel, and Sarah, signed his sister, Ann's, marriage certificate at Hopewell.

It 1778 they pledged 5£ for

...the Benefit of the Indians, who were formerly the Native Owners of the Lands, on which we now live, or thire descendents if to be found, and if not for the service, & benefit of Other Indians....


William Pickering was born in 1727.

He married Sarah Wright.

Hannah Pickering (1750)
John Pickering (1751/52, married Jane Ellis)
Lydia Pickering (1754)
Jacob Pickering (1756)
Hannah Pickering (1757)
William Pickering, Jr. (1759)
Lydia Pickering (1761)
Jonathan Pickering (1761)
Mary Pickering (1763, married Ellis Ellis)
Ann Pickering (1765).

On June 6, 1763, the Pickerings were received from the Buckingham Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania at the Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Virginia.

In 1771 the Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Frederick County, Virginia appointed William Pickering as one of those to meet the committee from the quarterly meeting.

It 1778 they pledged 8£ for

...the Benefit of the Indians, who were formerly the Native Owners of the Lands, on which we now live, or thire descendents if to be found, and if not for the service, & benefit of Other Indians....


Benjamin Pickering was born in 1752 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Samuel Pickering, Jr. and Grace Stackhouse.

He married Rebecca Ellis on October 18, 1775 at Hopewell Monthly Meeting.

Benjamin and Rebecca's children included:

Samuel Pickering (1776, married Susannah Eleanor Ellis and Nancy Jane Hunter Montieth),
Elizabeth Pickering (1778, died young)
Ellis Pickering (1780, married Deborah Jones),
Thomas Pickering (1781, married Magey Pott)
Enos Pickering (1782, married Elizabeth Harrold),
Rebecca Pickering (1785, married Henry Neal),
Mary Pickering (1787, married Benjamin R. Johnson),
Benjamin Pickering (1789, married Hester McCool )
Elizabeth Pickering (1791, married William Johnson),
Jonathan Pickering (1793, married Nancy Ennis), and
John Pickering (1795)

In 1784 they moved to North Carolina.

On August 2, 1784, the Pickerings were received on certificate from Crooked Run Meeting dating July 31, 1784 at Hopewell.

On May 6, 1793, Benjamin and wife Rebekah, with children Samuel, Ellis, Enos, Rebekah, Mary, Benjamin, and Elizabeth got a certificate to Westfield Monthly Meeting in Surry County, North Carolina.

In 1795, the family moved to Greene County, Tennessee.

In 1804, they were living in Rheatown, Greene County, Tennessee and Members of New Hope Meeting.




from Ancestors and Descendants of Joel and Sarah (McKee) Haworth compiled by Louise Baker, Virginia Schneider and Aletha Thomas.

Mary Scarborough, dau of John Scarbrough and Mary Pierson, born 8 Oct 1695, md/1 Samuel Pickering 1712,md/2 Joseph Lupton Sr 1730.


from Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd: A Township of Montgomery County, by Howard Malcolm Jenkins

[Joseph Lupton married] Mary Pickering (b. Scarborough, widow Samuel, who came from England), and after this second marriage removed to Virginia. William, Samuel, and Grace Pickering, Mary's children, also removed there.

Grace Pickering m. in Virginia William Lupton, and lived in Frederick Co., in 1787, and their son Asa [or Asahel?], b. 1757, m. 1787, Hannah Hank, dau. of John, of Rockingham Co., Va., of the same family, probably, as President Lincoln's mother and the Hanks mentioned in the Evans Genealogy, in this volume.


from Settlers by the Long Grey Trail by John Houston Harrison

Samuel Pickering was an early settler in the old Quaker community, near Winchester. He was a native of Bucks County, Pennslvania, where he married, before his removal to Virginia, Grace Stackhouse...Samuel was a son of Samuel Pickering, Sr., who about 1700 emigrated from Bristol England to Pennsylvania and settled in Bucks County. His wife was Mary Scarborough...


In the Name of God Amen; Whereas I Benjamin Pickering of Greene County and state of Tennessee Being weak in health but sound in Memory & understanding thanks be to Almighty God for it, Do make and Constitute this my last will and Testament....

I give to my Several Sons Samuel, Ellis, Enos, Benjamin, Jonathan, and John, the sum of five Dollars to Each & Every of them and to my Daughters Rebeckah, Mary and Elizabeth five Dollars Each to be paid in two years after my Decease to as many of said Legatees as Shall be then arrived to the Lawful age of an Heir and to be paid to the Rest as they arrive at the age Aforesaid to be Raised and Levied out of my Estate and Discharged in Good trade.

And all the Remainder of my Real and Moveable Estate I give Devise and Bequeath to my well Beloved wife Rebeckah to be in her actual possession & after my Decease to Sell & Convey the Same as She Shall See Cause and also

I Constitute make and ordain her my said wife to be my Sole & absolute Executrix...

Benjamin Pickering Signed Sealed & pronounced by me the said Benjamin Pickering as my last will and testament in the presence of 

John Jones Ellis Ellis


Whereas, I Rebecca Pickering of Green County and State of Tennessee, being in good health & of sound mind and understanding, thanks be to the author of my existence for it, - and calling to mind that all are appointed once to die. I do make & constitute this to be my Last Will & Testament ...

Secondly, I give & bequeath unto my Son Jonathan thirty acres of my land situate lying & being in the Southeast corner of my one hundred & forty acre tract. to wit,

  • Beginning at the Southeast corner of my said tract, of land running north to a stake,
  • then Due west dividing my apple orchard equal, giving one half thereof unto said Jonathan,
  • continuing west to a stake for compliment land
  • then running South to the original line of my said ?
  • to the beginning

Including said thirty acres with my present Dwelling house, out houses, Barn, one half of my said apple orchard Joining next to my said buildings,...

Thirdly, I give will & bequeath the remainder of all my lands with all & singular the privileges & advantages thereunto belonging unto my five sons namely Samuel, Ellis, Enos, Benjamin, and John. to be divided equal in value between them by appraisement or otherwise as my Executors may think best, on conditions herein after named. 

Fourth, I will give & allow my son John to have his Dwelling house & out houses & spring, where he now lives ...

Fifthly, I give & bequeath one third part of all my house hold & kitchen furniture & wearing apparel unto my four grand Daughters namely, Mary, Heta, Rachel, & Elizabeth Neal daughters of my daughter Rebeckah Neal, Deceased who was wife of Henry Neal, to be divided equal between them by appraisement or otherwise as my Executors may think proper

and the other remaining in two thirds of said furniture & wearing apparel, I will & give unto my other two daughters namely Mary Johnson & Elizabeth Johnson to be Divided equal between them as my Executor may think Just & equal. 

sixthly, the remainder of my moveable estate, I will and allow to be divided equal between my above named six sons. to wit; Samuel, Ellis, Enos, Benjamin, Jonathan & John as my Executors shall Direct 

Seventhly, I direct & its my will that my six sons above named be and pay each an equal part of my said Just debts, funeral charges & expenses of attending on me in sickness or extreme bodily infirmities. 

Lastly, I conclude constitute make & appoint my two sons, to wit; Samuel & Jonathan my sole & absolute Executors of this my last will & Testament...

In witness, whereof. I have hereunto Set my hand & affixed my seal, this fifth day of the fifth month, in the year of one thousand eight hundred & twenty four. 

Rebeckah Pickering Signed, Sealed & pronounced by me Rebeckah Pickering this to be my last will and Testament In the presence of 

James Jones
William Pickering 

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