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Meredith Family


James Meredith

He married Mildred Bagby

William Meredith (1742, married Ann Bonds and Rebecca Keys)
James Meredith (1747, married Mary Crews)
John Meredith (1749)
Mary Meredith (1753)
Samuel Meredith (1760)
Daniel Meredith (1762, married Hannah Cook)

Pittsylvania County, Virginia
List of Tithables taken by Peter Copland
James Merrydeth 1
Barclay Merrydeth 1 (Bradley)
William Merrydeth, Constable, 1

Henry County, Virginia
Oaths of Allegiance,
signed by: James Meredith, Sen. Juner Meredith William Meredith
Refused by: Bradley Meredith

Bedford County
William Meredith 1 0 10 3 4

Henry County
James Sr. 110 00 13 12.9
Meredith, William 110 00 20 14.0
Meredith, John 00 12 12.6

Henry County
Meredith, James 110 00 12 6.3
Meredith, John 110 00 12 6.3
Meredith, William 110 00 10 6.0.

Surry County, North Carolina
William Esq. 1,249 acres
John 600 acres

In the name of God Amen. I James Meredith of the County of Surry and State of North Carolina...

I give to my beloved wife Mildred Meredith all my able and perishable property to her use and disposal while she lives and also at her ? she first paying out of the same what debts I owe all except the debt I owe Colonel Archilaus Hughes.

Item. I give to my son John Meredith five hundred and ? acres of land lying on the waters of Mayo River refer for the courses to a deed of gift to him made said L? bearing date the twenty nine day of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand and Seven Hundred and Eighty ?

Item. My will and desire is that the three hundred fourteen acres of land lying in Stokes County including the plantation whereon I formerly lived be sold by my executors and one half of the money arising therefrom to be delivered to my son Daniel Meredith to his own use and the other half be applied to the use of discharging my debt due to Col. Hughs and the balance to be paid to my beloved wife Mildred Meredith to be at her own disposal.

Item. My will and desire further is that all debts due me should be collected by my executors and applyed to the use of my beloved wife and to my son John Meredith to be equally divided between them and

I do hereby appoint my son William Meredith and my son John Meredith sole executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this fifteenth day of February Anno Domo One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety.
James Meredith

Plesent W. Meredith
Wm. Cook
Keziah Cook

William 400 acres
John 594 acres

William 700 acres
John 394 acres

William 400 ac in Surry, 100 ac in Stokes, 100 for Noblet's orphans in Surry
John 50 acres
James, 450 acres

William 500 acres ditto Noblet's Orphans 100,
John 50 acres
James 500 acres
Daniel 50 acres

William 400 acres ditto Nobletts Orphans,
James 600 acres
William acres
Daniel 250 acres

William 500 acres
Daniel 150 acres
James 700 acres

William 500 acres
Daniel 250 acres
Elisha 100 acres

William 500 acres
Daniel 150 acres
Elisha 100 acres

William 500 acres
Daniel 160 acres
Elisha 100 acres
James 600 acres

Meredith acres
William 400 acres
Daniel 210 acres
Elisha 100 acres


James Meredith, Jr. was born about 1747 in Virginia.

James was a farmer and a weaver.

He married Mary Crews in in Bedford County, Virginia. Mary was born about 1752. She was the daughter of Hardy Crews and Phoebe Dooche

James and Mary's children may have included:

David Meredith (1769, married Mary Farrington),
Elijah Meredith (1773),
James Meredith (1775, married Rachel Knight),
John Meredith (1755, married Mary Knight and Abigail Knight),
Elizabeth Meredith (1780),
Sarah Meredith (1785, married John Knight).

James Meredith served 24 days in the Light Horse & Independent Co of Foot under Capt. Thomas Wade on "an expedition to Cross Creek against the Insurgents" February 1776.

Guilford County, North Carolina Marriages
Wiley Pegg + Elizabeth Meredith ~ 25 Apr 1820 bond ~ Elias Brown
Wiley Pegg + Rachel Meredith ~ 6 Mar 1823 bond ~ Richard H. Stanley

Guilford County, North Carolina was organized in 1771 from parts of Rowan and Orange Counties.

The American Revolution was ended in 1783 when the Treaty of Paris was signed.

William Meredith born about 1742 in Virginia. His parents were James Meredith and Mildred Bagby.

He married Anne Bond.

Anne and William's children may have included;

James Meredith (1765, married Nancy Fulkerson),
Frances Meredith (1767, married William Bond),
Jane Meredith (1769, married Philip Cook),
John Meredith (1772)
Martha Meredith (1774)
Elisha Meredith (1776, married Martha Thorp),
Daniel Meredith (1777, married Mary Hudson),
William Meredith (1780)
Nancy Meredith (1782, married Caleb Cotton).

Pittsylvania Co., VA, List of Tithables taken by Peter Copland, Gent.
For the year 1767.
James Merrydeth 1
Barclay Merrydeth 1 (Bradley)
William Merrydeth, Constable, 1

William served in the North Carolina Militia under Colonel Martin Armstrong. He was in the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780.

Declaration of Thomas Hickman
Aug. 1832
Davidson County, Tennessee
Thomas entered service in 1780 for three-month tour as ensign in Capt. William Meredith company in Col. Martin Armstrong regiment in Gen. Rutherford Brigade. They marched through Salisbury and down the Pedee, when they joined General Gates some time before his defeat at Camden...

At the time of the 1790 census they were in Surry County North Carolina.

3 boys under 16
3 men over 16
6 girls and women
2 enslaved people

Anne died about 1791.

William married Rebecca Keys in 1792 in Surry County, North Carolina. Rebecca was born. on January 21, 1752, in York County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Joseph Keys and Rebecca Mullen and had been married before to John Noblitt. Rebecca was received by the Deep Creek Monthly Meeting on October 6, 1788. She was disowned by Deep Creek Monthly Meeting on May 4, 1793 for marrying out of unity. William was named the guardian of her children.

Mildred Meredith (1793, married Samuel Meek)
Elizabeth Meredith (1795, married Fielding Bratcher)

For his Revolutionary War services William wa granted land in Adair County, Kentucky, where he settled about 1800.  

In 1806 William appeared on the Pulaski County, Kentucky Tax Rolls.

William died about 1824 in Adair County, Kentucky.

In the name of God amen I William Meredith of the county of Adair and Commonwealth of Kentucky...

In the second place, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Rebecah Meredith all of my perishable property such as horse cattle sheep and hogs to make use of and to support an as usual together with all my household.

I also give to my son Daniel Meredith ten dollars and also a book called the Arminian Magazine. [John Wesley founded the Arminian Magazine in  1778 in response to growing tensions over the question of predestination]. My lands are all ready disposed of

In the third place, it my desire that my son in law Fielding Bratcher take care of us as long as we live using the stock as occasion may require for support and after the death of the said Rebeckah Meredith.

In the fourth place the wearing apparel to at the discression of my wife Rebeccah Meredith

In testimony, hereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the nineteenth of January One thousand Eight hundred an twenty four

N B I have given all my children something prior to the will except my Son Daniel for which reason they are excluded from this will

William Meredith [Seal}

Wittness Present
James Rippeto
John Adams

It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.

The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.

David Meredith was born about 1769 in North Carolina.

Mary Farrington was born about 1774.

Jonathan Meredith (1795, married Nancy Perdue),
John Meredith (1797)
James Meredith (1793)
Solomon Meredith (1798),

Martha Meredith (1800, married Samuel Pitts, Jr.),
Temperance Meredith (1808, married Benjamin Pitts)
Nancy Meredith (1803)
Ann Meredith (1810)

Elizabeth Meredith (1805)

Samuel Pitts + Martha Meredith ~ 23 Jul 1817 bond ~ Elijah Johnson




from Surry County, North Carolina Deed Books A, B and C (1770-1788) abstracted by Mrs. W. O. Absher

20 Sept. 1779
William Meredith
500 ac
head Beaver Island Creek, water Dan River, E side Meadow Branch

24 Oct 1782
William Meredith 400 ac head Buffalaw Crk
adj. Richard Vernon, William Webb and McAnally

13 Oct 1783
William Meredith
212 ac
N. Fork Beaver Island Creek
adj. John Robertson. Hugh Holland, Joseph Reed,
entered for 200 ac but agreeable liens contain 213 ac.

10 Feb 1784
William Meredith to Moses Padgett
24 pds
100 ac
S Fork Buffalow Crk called little Buffalow
adj. Wm. Webb.
Wit: William T. Lewis, Robert Willis

3 Nov 1784
James Meredith
600 ac
branches Crooked Creek
adj. John Smith, John Forkner, William Webb; crossing Buffalow Ck three times.

3 Nov 1784
James Meredith
600 ac
Crooked Creek,
adj. William Martin, Virginia line and Smith.

C: 173-4
5 Feb 1785
William Meredith to Andrew Moore to Edmund Holt in behalf of sd Meredith,
213 ac
N fork Beave Island Creek
adj. John Robinson, Hugh Holland and Joseph Reed
.S/William Meredith, Ann Meredith.
Wit: Hugh Harris, Arthur Johns

5 Feb 1785
William Meredith to Henry France, Henry County, VA, to John Syms in behalf of sd Meredith,
300 ac
waters Snow Creek,
branch of Raccoon Creek
adj. Matthew Moore.
S/William Meredith, Ann Meredith.
Wit: Andrew Moore, James Dillard

19 Feb 1785
William Meredith, Esq., Sheriff to William T. Lewis
200 ac
S S Yadkin River
agreed line bet. Olive Roberts and Nicholas Cook.
s/W. Meredith, Sheriff

4 Aug 1786
William Meredith to John Wilkins
200 ac Buffalow Creek
adj. McAnally
half 400 ac Gr sd Meredith.
S/William Meredith, Ann Meredith
Wit: Daniel Meredith, Francis Keeton


from The Washington County Virginia Surveyor's Record 1781-1797 by Rhonda Robertson, 1998

p. 122
James Remey, assignee of James Fugate, assignee of Joseph Meredith
100 ac.
Treasury Warrant
on the south side of the north fork of Clinch River...Beginning near the bank of the river...at the foot of Daskins Mountain...above a path
Warrant #13193
dated August 3, 1782...May 11, 1783

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New Jersey Baptists
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