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Buckingham Monthly Meeting


Buckingham Friends Meeting was established in 1720.

The stone meeting house, built in 1731.


Some Early Members notes    
Blackfan William, Jr.      
Brown, Alexander      
Brown, Thomas and Elizabeth Dawson married 1720    
Burgess, Joseph      
Bye, John      
Bye, Thomas      
Canby, Benjamin      
Canby, Thomas clerk, overseer    
Cary, Samuel      
Comfort, Robert      
Dawson, John      
Eastburn, Samuel and Elizabeth Gillingham      
Ellicott, Joseph      
Ely, Hugh      
Fell, Joseph      
Hampton, Joseph      
Hartley, Thomas      
Haworth, George and Sarah Scarborough      
Haworth, James and Mary Wood      
Heston, John      
Hill, John      
Holcombe, Jacob      
Jenks, Thomas      
Kinman, John      
Kinsey, Edmund      
Kirkbride, Mahlon      
Lupton, Joseph and Mercy Twining      
Moon, James      
Paxson, Henry and Ann Plumly (Plumlee)      
Paxson, Thomas      
Paxson, William      
Pearson, Enoch      
Pickering, Isaac and Sarah Lupton      
Pickering, William and Sarah Wright      
Pownall, Reuben      
Preston, Paul      
Preston, William      
Randall, George and Mary Comly      
Randall, Joseph      
Randall, Nicholas and Agnes Comly      
Randall, William      
Scarborough, John      
Shallcross, William      
Smith, Samuel      
Smith, Thomas      
Townsend, Joseph, Sr.      
Twining, Nathaniel      
Watson, Joseph      
Watson, Thomas      
Wilson, Samuel      
Woolston, John      
Wright, Solomon and Rachel Pickering daughter of Isaac Pickering and Sarah Lupton    


Democrat and Chronicle 

(Rochester, New York)
15 Apr 1901




from History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania edited by J. H. Battle

Buckingham monthly meeting was established in 1720. Meetings for worship were granted by Falls monthly in 1701, and again in 1703, and in 1706 a meetinghouse was built....

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