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The Johnson Families


Benjamin Johnson was born about 1727.

He married Mary Moorman. Mary was born on December 19, 1730, in Hanover County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Moorman and Rachael Clark.

On October 17, 1748 they declared their intention to marry at the Henrico Monthly Meeting.

Benjamin and Mary's children may have included:

Thomas Johnson (1749/40, married Anna Varnum),
John J. Johnson (1751/52, married Agnes Clark),
Andrew Johnson (1754)
William Johnson (1756, died young),
James Johnson (1759, married Abigail Barton),
Rachel Johnson (1762, married John Miller, Jr.)
Elizabeth Johnson (1764, married Samuel Fisher)
Mildred Johnson (1766)
Christopher Johnson (1769, married Elizabeth Hancock)

In 1764 they changed form the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting in Bedford, Virginia to South River Monthly Meeting.

Benjamin died on August 18 1769 in Bedford County.

Mary died on June 9, 1814 in Hanover County, Virginia

The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.


James Johnson was born on December 20, 1759 in Louisa County, Virginia. His parents were Benjamin Johnson (1730-1769) and Mary Moorman (1730-1814).

James married Abigail Barton

Abigail and James' children may have included:

William Johnson (1781, married Elizabeth Pickering, daughter of Benjamin Pickering),
Mary Johnson (1783, married Thomas Stanfield),
Susannah Johnson Squibb (1785, married Caleb Squibb),
Hannah Johnson (1787),
Benjamin R. Johnson (1789, married Mary Pickering, daughter of Benjamin Pickering),
Pleasant Smith Johnson (1795),
Barton Johnson (1796, married Mary Alice Matthews).

James was buried at Quaker Knob Cemetery, Rheatown, Greene County, Tennessee.





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