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The Eastburn Family

  also spelled Eastborne, Eastburne  

John Eastburn was born about 1630 in Yorkshire, England.

He married Anne Moore at Kildwick on January 1st, 1651.

Anne and John's children probably included:

John Eastburn (1656, married Margaret Jones),
Robert Eastburn (1672, married Sarah Preston)

Ann died in 1683 and John was imprisoned the same year with other Friends.


John Eastburn was born about 1646.

He married Margaret Jones in 1694.

Elizabeth Eastburn (1695, Thomas Walton),
John Eastburn (1697, unmarried),
Peter Eastburn (1699, unmarried),
Thomas Eastburn (1700, married Sarah)
Mary Eastburn (married Richard Studham).

John died in 1716.

Margaretdied in 1740.

Early Quakers were persecuted. In the Massachusetts Bay colony, Friends were banished on pain of death.

Robert Eastburn was born about 1672 in England. He was son of John Eastburn.

He married Sarah Preston, daughter of Jonas Preston in 1693.

Esther Eastburn (1694, married Jonathan Livezey),
Benjamin Eastburn (1695, married Ann Thomas),
John Eastburn ( 1697, married Grace Coulston),
Mary Eastburn (1698. unmarried),
Samuel Eastburn (1702, married Elizabeth Gillingham),
Joseph Eastburn (1704, unmarried)
Sarah Eastburn (1706, married Hugh Thomas)
Twins (1708, died as infants),
Robert Eastburn (1710, married Agnes Jones), and
Elizabeth Eastburn (David Clark).

They immigrated to America about 1713 when they brought a certificate from the Brighouse Monthly Meeting in England, dated December 6, 1713. It was accepted by Philadelphia Monthly Meeting.

Robert and Sarah P. Eastburn removed their certificate to Abington Monthly Meeting in 1714, and back to Philadelphia in 1729.

Sarah died on August 31, 1752.

Robert died on July 24, 1755.




from The Eastburn Family in America by Hettie Ann Walton, Eastburn Reeder, Harry Speight

Robert Eastburn, son of John Eastburn, of Swaits Rightly parish, married Sarah Preston, daughter of Jonas Preston, of Rastrick parish, Yorkshire, England, 3-10, 1693. The place where the marriage took place was at John Eccles' house, near Rastrick, which is near the city of Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

They had 10 children born in England, viz.
Esther Eastburne, born 1-27, 1694. married Jonathan Livezey in 1717.
Benjamin b. 7-15, 1695. m. Ann Thomas in 1722.
John b. 1-12, 1697. m. Grace Colston in 1721.
Mary b. 11-17, 1698. unmarried.
Samuel b. 2-20, 1702. m. Elizabeth Gillingham in 1728.
Joseph b. 1-21, 1704. unmarried.
Sarah b. 12-10, 1706. m. Hugh Thomas in 1734.
Twins b. 4-8, 1708. Died and buried next day.
Robert b. 2-7, 1710. m. Agnes Jones in 1733.

They had oue child born after arrival in Pennsylvania, in 1713.
Elizabeth b. . m. David Clark, 6-1 1, 1737.

Robert and Sarah P. Eastburn brought a certificate from Brighouse Monthly Meeting of Friends, England, dated 12-6, 1713, which was accepted by Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends.

Robert and Sarah P. Eastburn removed their certificate to Abington in 1714, and back to Philadelphia in 1729.

The date of marriage of Robert Eastburn and Sarah Preston, and the dates of birth of their ten children born in England have been obtained from the records of London Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends.

Robert Eastburn died 7-24, 1755.
Sarah P. Eastburn died 8-31, 1752.


from The Eastburn Family in America by Hettie Ann Walton, Eastburn Reeder, Harry Speight

John Eastburn is believed to have been the son of John and Ann Eastburn, mentioned in the appendix as being married at Kildwick, January 1st, 1651. Ann Eastburn, his mother, died in 1683, and John Eastburn, his father, was imprisoned the same year with other friends. This seems to account for the young man bringing the numerously signed certificate with him to America.

He was a single man and a laborer. He bought 300 acres of Hugh Marsh and Sarah Marsh, son and widow of Robert Marsh, by deed dated 2-14, 1693, being a part of a tract of 500 acres granted unto Robert Marsh, by a patent from William Penn, dated 5-16, 1684. This land was situated in Southampton Township, Bucks County, Pa. The consideration or purchase money was 40£ or $200.

John Eastburn, married Margaret Jones, of Philadelphia, Secondmonth Fifth, 1694. They had five children.

Elizabeth, b. 1-16, 1695. m. Thomas Walton in 1736.
John, b. 6-22, 1697. Unmarried and died in 1775.
Peter, b. 1-5, 1699. Unmarried and died before 1716.
Thomas, b. 9-22, 1700. m. Sarah .
Mary, b. m. Richard Studham.

John Eastburn died in 1716.
Margaret Jones Eastburn died in 1740.


from Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Biography, of Pennsylvania

. . . Robert Eastburn and his wife Sarah, who emigrated from Brigham, Yorkshire, England, in 1713, their names appearing on the record of a Friends' Monthly Meeting held in Philadelphia, December 26, 1713, when their letters from England were received and they were admitted as members. The minutes of the Philadelphia meetings show that Robert Eastburn was a prominent and influential member of the society until his death, which occurred in 1755. He brought over with him from England several minor children.



from Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Biography, of Pennsylvania

Samuel Eastburn, the second son of Robert, married Elizabeth Gillingham, who is known to have been a member of Abington Monthly Meeting in 1728.

Samuel Eastburn with his wife removed to Solebury and established themselves on a large tract of land lying near Center Hill. They became members of Buckingham Monthly Meeting March 6, 1729, by certificate from Abington Monthly Meeting.

Samuel and his wife had seven children, the youngest of whom, Robert, was born June 23, 1739, and inherited a part of the old homestead, which continued to be his home during his lifetime. Samuel Eastburn passed much of the latter part of his life in visiting meetings in different parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, at which he often spoke to the great edification and spiritual comfort of his hearers.


Robert [Eastburn, son of Samuel], married Elizabeth Duer, a member of Falls Monthly Meeting, on November 22, 1763.

After her death he married, on September 16, 1785, Rachel Paxson.

Robert Eastburn is described as a man of strong positive character, discreet in his action and an enterprising and industrious as well as a prosperous man. He added to his inherited property two of the finest farms in the fertile limestone valley of Solebury Township.

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