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The Dillon Family

The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.

Daniel Dillon was born September 4, 1713 on Nantucket. He married Lydia B. Hodgson about 1742 Lydia was born in about 1724.

Charity Dillion (1743, married William Reece),
Martha Dillon (1745, married Robert Blakely),
Nathan Dillon (1748, married Hannah Bowman),
William Dillon ( 1750),
Peter Dillion (1752, married Elizabeth Haworth),
Jesse Dillion (1753, married Hannah Ruckman),
Susannah Dillion (1755, married George Haworth),
Daniel Dillion, Jr. 1757, married Ann Peugh),
Hannah Dillon (1759),
Patience Dillon (1762, married Thomas Hodgson,
Isaac Dillion (1766).

Daniel Dillion was one of the original members of the New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guilford County.

Lydia died May 29, 1800 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Daniel, Sr. died in Guilford County, North Carolina on November 22, 1805.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.

Peter Dillon, Sr. was born in 1752.

He married Elizabeth Haworth in 1773 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Elizabeth was the daughter of James Haworth and Sarah Wood.

Sarah Dillon (1774, married John Stanfield),
Garrett Dillon (1776, married Margaret Edmondson),
James Dillon (1778),
William Dillon (1781, married Sarah Edmondson),
Lydia Dillon (1783, married Jonathan Hayworth),
Pheobe Dillon (1786, married John Reece),
Susanna Dillon (1789, married Levi Babb),
Jemima Dillon (1791, married George Smith),
Elizabeth Dillon (1794),
Peter Dillon, Jr. (1796), and
Thomas Dillon (1798).

Tradition says that Peter Dillon removed from Virginia to North Carolina and that while Sallie and Garrett were playing out of doors they heard the guns of the Guilford Battle, March 15, 1781.

They doubtless removed to Newhope meeting about the time that Grand-father Rees did, say fall of 1781, where they lived to be old and died. I remember seeing Peter coming up the long ascent, say forty rods, from home to Monthly Meeting, walking with two canes and I have heard mother Dillon say that when he could no longer thus get to meeting he used to draw his chair to the porch looking towards the meeting house at meeting time and there, though absent in body yet present in spirit, worship with his friends. (from History of Dillon, Fletcher, and Kindred Families by Henry Dillon)

The settled in Greene County, Tennessee.

In 1809 Garrett, James, William and Peter were in John Stanfield's district.

Greene County, Tennessee developed from the Nolichucky settlement. It was formed in 1783 from part of the original Washington County, North Carolina.

The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies which became the newly formed United States.



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