An American Family History

Cane Creek Monthly Meeting

The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.

Cane Creek Monthly Meeting is near Snow Camp, Almance County, North Carolina.

The first Monthly Meeting at Cane Creek was held on October 7, 1751. There were 30 Quaker families in the area.

Early members included:

Adams, William & Susanna    
Aldrage, William    
Allen, John & Rachel Stout    
Atkinson, John & Mary    
Ballenger, Henry and family    
Barker, Nicholas    
Brown, William & Hannah    
Brooks, Matthew & Elizabeth    
Buckenham, Joseph    
Carter, James    
Chambers, Samuel & Sarah    
*Chamness, Anthony & Sarah Cole    
Chamness, Joshua & Rachel Williams    
Cloud, Mary Underwood    
Cox, John & Mary    
Davis, John & Mary Chamness    
Dixon, Nathan & Sarah    
Dixon, Simon & Elizabeth Allen    
Dixon, Solomon & Hannah Hunt    
Dixon, Thomas & Abigail    
Doan, John & Elizabeth Overman    
Hadley, Joshua & Patience Brown    
Hiatt, John    
Hiatt, Martha and children    
Hinshaw, Benjamin    
Hinshaw, Jacob & Rebecca Macky    
Hinshaw Jesse    
Hinshaw Joseph & Margery Kemp    
Hinshaw, Thomas    
Hinshaw, William    
Hornaday Lewis & Rebecca Pike    
Jones, Aaron    
Jones, Thomas    
Kemp, Richard & Susannah    
Laughlin, Hugh and Mary    
Long, John & Mary C.    
Maris, George & Elenor    
Marshall, John & Ruth Hadley    
Marshall, William & Rebecca Dixon    
Martin, Benjamin    
Martin, Zachariah    
Moon, John & Rachel    
Ozbun, Thomas    
Pike, John and Abigail Overman    
Powell, John    
Reynolds, William and family    
Stanfield, John and Hannah Hadley Dixon    
Stanfield, John, Jr.    
Stanfield, Samuel and Lydia Vernon    
Stanfield, Thomas    
Stout, Hannah Brown    
Stout, Mary Noblett    
Stout Peter & Charity    
Stout, Peter & Hannah    
Stout, Peter & Margaret    
Swainey, Mary    
Summers, Robert and family    
Taylor, James and Frances    
Tidwell, John    
Vestal, Elizabeth and sons, William and Thomas    
Wells, Joseph and Charity    
Williams, George    
Wright, John and Rachel    

In 1764, William Marshall and his wife Rebecca Dixon donated twenty-six acres on which a meeting house was built.