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Boone Family

Berks County, Pennsylvania was formed on March 11, 1752 from parts of Chester County, Lancaster County, and Philadelphia County. Northwestern parts of the county became Northumberland County in 1772 and Schuylkill County in 1811.

George Boone was christened on March 19, 1666, in Exeter, Devon, England. George was a weaver.

He married Mary Maugridge in 1689 before emigrating to America. 

George Boone (1690, married Deborah Howell),
Sarah Boone,
Squire Boone (1696, married Sarah Morgan),
Mary Boone (1699, married John Webb),
John Boone,
Joseph Boone,
Benjamin Boone,
James Boone, and
Samuel Boone.

The Boone family were Quakers

In 1712 George sent his three children, George, Sarah, and Squire to America. Sarah and Squire remained in Pennsylvania, while their brother George returned to England with glowing reports.

The family first were members of Abington Monthly Meeting.

In 1718 George Boone took up 400 in Exeter.

George died in 1744. He was buried in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in the Exeter Friends Cemetery

Coverlets (Coverlid) are woven bedcovers, used as the topmost covering on a bed.

George Boone was born on July 13, 1690 in Devon, England. His parents were George Boone and Mary Maugridge.

On August 7, 1713 George Boone married Deborah Howell in Abington, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of William and Mary Howell.

George Boone (1714)
Hannah Boone (1718, married John Hughes),
Deborah Boone Bennett (1720)
Dinah Boone Coles (1722)
William Boone (1724),
Josiah Boone (1726),
Jeremiah Boone (1726)
Abigail Boone (1732), and
Hezekiah Boone (1735)  


The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.

Squire Boone was born on December 6, 1696 in Devonshire, England. His parents were George Boone and Mary Maugridge.

Squire married Sarah Morgan on September 23, 1720. Sarah was born about 1700 in Gwynedd, Berks County, Pennsylvania and was the daughter of Edward and Margaret Morgan.

Sarah Boone (1724, married John Wilcox),
Israel Boone (1726)
Samuel Boone (1728, married Sarah Day),
Jonathan Boone (1730, married Mary Carter),
Elizabeth Boone (1732, married William Grant),
Daniel Boone (1734, married Rebecca Bryan daughter of Joseph Bryan),
Mary Boone (1736, married William Bryan son of Morgan Bryan),
George Boone (1739, married Ann Linville),
Edward Boone (1740, married Martha Bryan),
Squire Boone (1744, married Jane Van Cleve) and
Hannah Boone (1746, married John Stewart).

Squire Boone owned property in Rowan County, North Carolina near the fork of the Yadkin, not far from present day Mocksville, North Carolina. 

Daniel and Squire Boone were listed among the long hunters.

Daniel and Israel Boone were in Looney's Company in 1774.

North Carolina was one of the thirteen original Colonies. It was first settled by small farmers and grew quickly in the mid 18th century.




From Boone Manscript Collection

Squire Boone, [was] father of Daniel Boone. . .when his oldest daughter, Sarah, married John Wilcox in 1742, he not being Quaker, Squire was reprimanded severely by the meeting under the famous Quaker, Thomas Ellis of Merionethshire, Wales, the leading Elder of the Society in all of Pennsylvania at that time.

According to the minutes of the Exeter Meeting of that year, Sarah signed papers confessing that she was with child before the marriage, and was sorry confessing for this and duly repented. However, this required that Squire sign papers of sorrow for permitting the marriage, and repented himself of letting the two be together even...

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