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Samuel Pitts

North Carolina was one of the thirteen original Colonies. It was first settled by small farmers and grew quickly in the mid 18th century.

Samuel Pitts was born about 1754 in Rowan County, North Carolina. His parents were Andrew Pitts and Martha Stroud. He was born in a part of the county that became Stokes County in 1789.

He married Elizabeth Jones. She was the daughter of Cadwallader and Sarah Jones.

Elizabeth and Samuel's children may have included:

John Pitts (1785),
Sarah Pitts (1786),
Cadwallader Pitts (1787),
Andrew Pitts (1788)
Samuel Pitts, Jr. (1795, mrried Martha Meredith),
Benjamin Pitts (1798, married Temperance Meredith),
Martha Ptts (1799, married John Welch),
Isaac Pitts (1800, married Martha Teague),
Levi Pitts (1802),
Elizabeth Pitts (1804, married William Hall), and
Joshua Pitts (1807).

At the time of the 1790 census, Samuel's household in Stokes County consisted of

3 boys under 16 - John, Cadwallader, Andrew
1 man over 16 - Samuel
4 females - Elizabeth, Sarah, ?, ?

1800 Salisbury, Stokes County

a man & a woman over 45 -Samuel & Elizabeth
a woman between 16 & 25 ?
3 boys and 2 girls between 10 & 15- John, Cadwallader, Andrew, Sarah, ?
a boy and 2 girls under 10 - Samuel, Martha ?

1810 Deep River, Stokes County, North Carolina

a man over 45 - Samuel
a woman between 26 & 44 ?
a man and 2 women between 16 & 25
2 boys between 10 & 15
3 boys under 10 - Isaac, Levi and Joshua

Samuel's will was dated May 23, 1812 and was recorded in Stokes County.

Samuel Pitts + Martha Meredith ~ 23 Jul 1817 bond ~ Elijah Johnson
Benjamin Pitts + Temperance Meredith ~ 5 Jan 1818 bond ~ Elijah Johnson

The 1815 tax list for the Deep River District in Stokes County, North Carolina included:


The 1819 tax list for the Deep River District included

Benjamin Pitts
Andrew V. Pitts

The 1820 tax list for the Deep River included:

Cadwalder Pitts,
Andrew Pitts,
Benjamin Pitts,
Elizabeth Pitts,
Samuel Pitts

The 1821 tax list for the Deep River Distric included

Chadwallander Pitts,
Elizabeth Pitts,
Benjamin Pitts,

The 1822 tax list for the Deep River District included:

Benjamin Pitts,
Andrew Pitts,
Cadwalder Pitts


Guilford County, North Carolina
Hopewell Monthly Meeting was established, 4th month, 1824, pursuant to directions of New Garden Quarterly Meeting. Thomas Moore, Timothy Macy, William Stanley, Josiah Unthank, Jesse Stanley, Jonathan Harrold, Howland Swain, William Benbow, John Wilson, Nathan Pike, Miriam Macy, Prudence Stanly, Sarah Stanly, Lydia Stanly, Elizabeth Pitts, Elizabeth Mendenhall, Phebe Swain, Abigail Lambert and Mary Starbuck were appointed to attend the opening of the new meeting. Henry White was chosen to be clerk.

Stokes County, North Carolina was formed in 1789 from Surry County.

Guilford County, North Carolina was organized in 1771 from parts of Rowan and Orange Counties.



From the Stokes County, North Carolina records:

This indenture made the 14th day of September 1794,
between Martha Pitts of Stokes County, North Carolina of the one part,
and John Pitts, of the county and state aforesaid, of the other part,
witnesseth that the said Martha Pitts,
for the natural good will and affection she hath and beareth for the said John Pitts, her son Martha deeds 20 Cripple Creek acres to John.
She also deeds Samuel, her son, 85 acres of land.


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