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Andrew Pitts

Rowan County, North Carolina was formed in 1753 from the northern part of Anson County. In 1770, the eastern part was combined with the western part of Orange County to become Guilford County. In 1771 the northeastern part of what remained of Rowan County became Surry County. In 1777 the western part of Rowan County became Burke County. In 1788 the western part became Iredell County. In 1822 the eastern part became Davidson County. Finally, in 1836 the part of Rowan County north of the South Yadkin River became Davie County.

Andrew Pitts was born about 1759 in Rowan County, North Carolina. His parents were Andrew Pitts and Martha Stroud. He was born in a part of the county that became Stokes County in 1789.

He married Margaret Braxton. She was born on March 25, 1768 in Chatham County, North Carolina and was the daughter of Thomas Braxton and Mary McPherson.

Mary Pitts (1786, married William Lindley),
John Pitts (1787, married Lucy Talley),
William Pitts (1789),
Abner Pitts (1790),
Thomas Pitts (1791, married Dorcus Trueblood),
Samuel Pitts (1798)
Hannah Pitts (1799),
Sarah Pitts (1801)
Levi Pitts (1802, married Eveline Conklin), and
Margaret Pitts (1808).

At the time of the 1790 census Andrew's household in Stokes County consisted of

1 boy under 16
1 man over 16
2 females

In 1809 they moved to Indiana.

Andrew Pitts was just six weeks moving from his old home in North Carolina to the Ohio Falls, where they arrived in April, 1809. He located a farm to his liking adjoining what is now Salem on the east. With their wagon covers they constructed a sort of tent in which they lived until a cabin could be erected. The cabin stood on the hill, on the south side of the Salem and Charlestown road and was not torn down until 1880.

After the Pigeon Roost massacre, Pitts joined the company that went in pursuit of the savages and while the scare lasted Mrs. Pitts with her children went up the creek bank toward the Lick and for several days remained concealed in the cliffs and rocks on the south side of the stream.

To make their first clothing they went to Louisville and bought cotton which was carded, spun and woven by the women folks, and then made into shirts and dresses. The men wore buckskin pants. Unless there was a deep snow their stock thrived on the grass and pea vines that grew in great abundance in most parts of the county. (from Centennial History of Washington County, Indiana by Warder William Stevens, Lulie Davis)

Stokes County, North Carolina was formed in 1789 from Surry County.





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