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The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia borders Maryland and Virginia. The first European settlers started arriving about 1730.

George Washington ( 1731/32  – 1799) was the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution and first president of the United States (1789–1797).

Rowan County, North Carolina was formed in 1753 from the northern part of Anson County. In 1770, the eastern part was combined with the western part of Orange County to become Guilford County. In 1771 the northeastern part of what remained of Rowan County became Surry County. In 1777 the western part of Rowan County became Burke County. In 1788 the western part became Iredell County. In 1822 the eastern part became Davidson County. Finally, in 1836 the part of Rowan County north of the South Yadkin River became Davie County.

Andrew Pitts was born about 1725 in Virginia.

He married Martha Stroud. Martha was the daughter of Samuel Stroud.

Andrew and Martha's children may have included:

Mary Pitts (1742, married Richard Harrold),
Elizabeth Pitts (1744, married Thomas Knight),
Isaac Pitts (1750, married Tabitha),
Samuel Pitts (1752, married Elizabeth Jones),
John Pitts (1755, married Amelia Crutchfield),
Jonathan Pitts (1756, married Winna Watkins), and
Andrew Pitts (1759, marred Margaret Braxton).

Andrew and Martha were Quakers and Andrew was a tailor. They lived near Charlestown in a part of Frederick County, Virginia that became Berkeley County, West Virginia.

On November 7, 1748, Andrew sold 207 acres in Frederick County, Virginia to Richard Stevenson and on November 3, 1748, he sold 320 acres in Frederick County to George Washington's half-brother, Lawrence Washington.

Andrew Pitts, patent for land on Bullskin [run], August 20, 1750, adjoins the survey of Richard Stephenson and William Davis, August 20, 1750, and is also referred to in surveys of Maj. Lawrence Washington, August 21 and 23, 1750. (from History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley edited by J. E. Norris)

Andrew and Martha moved from Frederick County, Virginia to Rowan County, North Carolina. They settled on the north bank of the West Fork of Deep River. They were in a part of the county that became Stokes County in 1789.

In 1755 he was on the tax list of Rowan County, North Carolina.

On October 1, 1759 in Rowan County, Andrew leased Robert Barkley five cows, five calves, and one gray horse about four years old, branded NE on the buttocks, for 14 pounds and 10 shillings. Herman Butner witnessed the transaction.

On January 22, 1765 the court records show the debt case of Richard ? vs. Andrew Pitts. The jury of Henry Sloan, Will Harges, Edward McGuire, John Long, Joseph Bryan (probably son of Morgan Bryan), James Harper, Luke Dean and John Howard found for the defendant because there was no record of the debt.

March, 1765 Andrew Campbell vs Andrew Pitts.

July 11 1766 Pearus ass. vs Andrew Pitts.

The 1781 tax list refered to Martha as "the widow Pitts."

In 1789, Martha bought 300 acres from North Carolina for 150 shillings.

At the time of the 1790 census Martha's household in Stokes County consisted of

2 boys under 16
3 men 16 and over
3 females

From the Stokes County, North Carolina records:

This indenture made the 14th day of September 1794,
between Martha Pitts of Stokes County, North Carolina of the one part,
and John Pitts, of the county and state aforesaid, of the other part,
witnesseth that the said Martha Pitts,
for the natural good will and affection she hath and beareth for the said John Pitts, her son Martha deeds 20 Cripple Creek acres to John.
She also deeds Samuel, her son, 85 acres of land.

Andrew moved to Indiana about 1809.

Frederick County, Virginia was formed in 1743 from Orange County. Old Frederick County included all or part of four counties in present-day Virginia: Shenandoah, Clarke, Warren, and Frederick, as well as five in present-day West Virginia: Hardy, Hampshire, Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan.

Stokes County, North Carolina was formed in 1789 from Surry County.





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