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The Solt Family

  Solt, Salt, Sold Soldt, Soult, Solts, Salts, Zoll  

Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original states and was originally founded in 1681 as a result of a royal land grant to William Penn, the son of the state's namesake.

Heinrich Solt was born about 1680 in, Germany.

Johannes Nicholas Solt (1722)
Melchior Solt (1725 - 1778)
Daniel Solt (4 Sep 1726 - 11 Aug 1791)
Anthony Solt (1726-1728 - arnd Oct / Nov 1776)

About 1740, he brought his family to America and settled at Egypt in Whitehall, Bucks County (now North Whitehall, Lehigh County), Pennsylvania.

His sons, including, Johannes Nicholas, Daniel and Melchior moved to Towamensing Township, Northampton County (now Franklin, Carbon), Pennsylvania.

17th and 18th century Germans often gave children two names at baptism. The first was a saint's name. The second a secular name which is what the child was called. The saint's name was usually given to all the children of that family of the same gender. Johannes was rarely a saint's name, but Johann was.



Johannes Nicholas Solt was born on August 10, 1722. He married Maria Catherine Balliet

Magadelana Solt (1752)
Johannes Jacob Solt (1753, married Maria Elizabeth)
Margaretha Solt (1755)
Paulus (Paul) Solt (1758, married Eva Catharina Schaffer)
Eve Solt (abt 1762)
Conrod Solt (married Elizabeth)


Melchior Solt(1725 - 1778)

Anthony Solt (1760)
Johann Martin Solt (1770)


Daniel Solt was born on September 4, 1726 in Germany. He married Anna Catharina Shaffer.

David Solt (1752)
Daniel Solt (1756)
Peter Solt (1761)
Anna Margaretha (Margaret) Solt (1764, married Jost Dreisbach)
Jost Solt (1765)
John Jacob Solt (1766)
Paulus (Paul) Solt (1768)
Conrad Solt

Daniel died on August 11, 1791 in Towamensing Township, Northampton (now Franklin, Carbon), Pennsylvania.


Anthony Solt (1726). He married Eva Magdalena Aegner.

Rosanna Solt (1765 )




from History of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
by Alfred Mathews and Austin N. Hungerford

The earliest permanent settlers in the limits of what is now Franklin township were, without doubt, the Solt family, who settled on land part of which is now owned by Mrs. Maria Colton. Of this family John Solt was the father. In 1781 the names that appear on the assessment roll are John Solt Sr., David, Daniel, and John.

John Jacob Solt lived on the farm now owned by Maria Colton, on Poho Poco Creek. He had sons, Jacob, Conrad, Peter, and Daniel, and daughters, Eve, (Mrs. David Shafer), Susan (Mrs. Daniel Arner), Polly (Mrs. Conrad Solt), Betsey (Mrs. Jacob Swank), Maria (Mrs. Daniel Solt).

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