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Mathias Rust was born in 1767 in Virginia.

He married Mary Coffelt.

Abraham Rust (1798, married Elizabeth Baker),
Mathias Rust,
Jacob Rust (1804, married Elizabeth Baker),
John Rust (1806, married Christiana Huffman),
George Rust,
David Rust,
Barbara Rust, and
Catharine Rust.

The family moved to Clark County, Ohio about 1810.


Abraham Rust

On November 3, 1824 Henry and Barbara Kessler sold NE¼ Section 21, Township 4, Range 10 in Clark County, Ohio to Abraham Rust.

Abraham Rust was active in organizing the Mount Pisgah Church.


Jacob Rust was born February 28, 1804, in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

He married Elizabeth Baker.

Henry Rust,
Simon Rust,
Magdalena Rust,
David Rust,
Aaron Rust,
Isaac Rust,
Mary Rust, and
William Rust.

Isaac and Aaron served in the Civil War. Aaron was in the marine service on a gunboat in the Mississippi and served one year.



John Rust was born about 1806-1807s. He was the son of Mathias Rust and) and Mary Coffelt.

He married Christina Huffman on October 25, 1826.

William Rust (1827, married Sarah Jane Pence),
Barbara Rust (1829, married John Xander),
John Rust (1831, married Sarah Circle),
George Rust (1833; married Louisa Baker),
Lewis Rust (1835, married Catharine Snell, Elizabeth Snell Coffelt, and Alicia A. Cummings.
Mary Rust (1838; married John Puffenbarger and Napoleon Wagner),
Sarah Jane Rust (1840, married Absalom Baker),
Elizabeth Rust (1842, married Emanuel Hause)
Abraham Rust (1845,married Emily Myers),
Lutitia Rust (1847, married William Lewis Circle),
Amos Rust (1849, married Amanda Gump and Mrs. Fannie Rettig).




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Jacob Rust Family

The first Europeans settled in the Northwest Territory in 1788. Migrants came from New York and New England. Ohio was admitted to the Union as the 17th state on March 1, 1803.

from Biographical and Genealogical History of Cass, Miami

Mathias Rust, the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, married in Virginia and settled as a pioneer in Clark county, Ohio. He cleared up one hundred and sixty acres from the woods and became a prosperous farmer.

His children were:
Abraham [Rust],
John [Rust],
Barbara and

He died in Clark county, Ohio.

Jacob Rust, the father of Isaac Rust, was born February 28, 1804, in Rockbridge county, Virginia. When he was six years old he moved with his parents to Clark county, Ohio. He married in that county, Miss Elizabeth Baker, born in August. 1803, in Rockbridge county, Virginia, of strong German ancestry.

After marriage, Mr. Rust cleared up eighty acres of land in Clark county, Ohio, and by thrift and industry added to it until he owned two hundred and seventy acres.

His children were: Henry, Simon, Magdalena, David, Aaron, Isaac, Mary and William.

Mr. Rust was a member of the Reformed church. He took an active interest in church affairs and was for thirty years an elder. In politics he was a Republican. He was a strong Union man, and his sons Isaac and Aaron served in the Civil war. Aaron was in the marine service on a gunboat in the Mississippi and served one year. Jacob Rust reached the venerable age of nearly ninety-two years, and died on his farm. He was a good citizen, an industrious and highly respected man, benevolent and pious. He gave all his children a start in life.

Isaac Rust, the subject of this sketch, was born in Clark county, Ohio, February 2, 1841. He received a common-school education, and enlisted February 15, 1865, at Springfield, Ohio, as a private in Company K, Eighty first Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for one year or during the war. He served until the close of the war and was honorably discharged and mustered out of the United States service, July 13, 1865. Mr. Rust was an active soldier, and always did his full duty promptly and cheerfully, and was never in a hospital. After the war he returned to Clark county, Ohio, and married, September 27, 1874, Mary F. Friermood, daughter of George and Catharine (Michael) Friermood, who was born October 18, 1852, in Delaware county, Indiana .. .

After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Rust lived in Clark county for six years, and then moved to Howard county, Indiana, October 15, 1880, making the journey with teams and being six days on the way.

Ten years before this he had bought an eighty-acre tract, and he cleared up more land until he now owns one hundred and twenty acres. The children are Ida F., born November 15, 1875; Anna E., January 10, 1879; Warren K , April 14, 1880; Lilian B., March 22. 1889; and Hobart, July 4. 1893.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Rust are members of the Methodist Protestant church. Mr. Rust is a Republican in politics. He has been justice of the peace for twelve years. He is a highly respected citizen and well known for his integrity. Aided by his faithful wife, he has reared an excellent family. Ida F., Warren K. and Anna E. are graduates of the public schools of Jackson township, and the two daughters are members of the church.

photo courtesy of
Robert Pilcher
Indiana became a state in 1819. The north was settled by people from New England and New York, the center by people from the Mid-Atlantic states and Ohio, and the south by people from Southern states, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee.


from Rust's History of West Central Ohio

...The name appeared in Virginia with Henry Rust in 1672. The immediate ancestors of the Clark County, Ohio Rusts were Matthias and Isaac Rust, two brothers who came from the Shenandoah Valley about 1811. Previous to this John and Matthew Rust had gone down the Ohio in 1775 or 1776 with a party of ten surveyors who were among the first settlers of Northern Kentucky.

Matthias Rust settled at what is now Lawrenceville earlier Noblesville, Clark County. Matthias and Abraham Rust on leaving the Shenandoah, freed their slaves. From the residue of their property, Matthias purchased a large tract of land in German township...



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