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Gottleib Printz

  also spelled Brentz, Prince  

The American Revolution was ended in 1783 when the Treaty of Paris was signed.

Gottlieb Printz was born on September 20, 1752 in York County, Pennsylvania. He was baptised on November 5, 1752 at Christ Lutheran Church. His father was Johann Philip Printz. His sponsors were Gottlieb and Anna Marie Gunkel.

Gottlieb moved to Virginia with his parents.

He married Magdalena Crum.

Magdalene Printz (married John Campbell),
Eve Printz (1775, married Jacob Pence), and
Adam Printz (1781, married Eve Buroker).

On November 2, 1775, he was a private in Captain Joseph Borman's Company of the Virginia Militia.

Godlove was taxed for 300 acres in 1782-1789.

In 1789 he was granted 74 acres and was taxed on that amount until 1799.

In 1794, he was taxed on the 217 acres of land that he received from his father's estate. This was reduced to 167 when he transferred 50 acres to his brother, Philip.

On October 8, 1804, Godlove and Mollie Printz sold 288 acres to Mark Finks and moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky where he was listed as a householder in July 25, 1805 and June 23, 1806

Mark Finks and his wife, Eve Finks, sold the Virginia land back to Magdalene Printz, widow of Godlove, on September 24, 1807.
Choosing a Godparent sponsor was not just a formality in 17th century Germany. Each child had one Godparent of the same gender. It established ties between families that were near kinship. The Godparent was expected to provide spiritual support and material support in times of need.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.





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