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The Crum Family

  also spelled Crumm, Krum, Krumm  

Anthony Crum,

His wife was Gertrude.

George Krum,
Johannes Krum,
Christian Krum, and
Frantz Krum

Anthony made his last will and testament on November 21, 1764, and it was probated October 18, 1765.


Christian Crum was born in 1738 in Germany.

He married Maria Neff.

Christian Crum (1776, married Catherine Frederick),
Elizabeth Crum (1779)
Conrad Crum (1776, married M. Elizabeth Schneider (Snyder))


Conrad Crum, was born on December 16, 1776. He was a wood-chopper.

He married M. Elizabeth Schneider (Snyder). She was born on Sept. 18, 1784, and was a daughter of John George Schneider (Snyder).

Jonas Crum
Henry Crum
Isaac Crum and
Peter Crum

She died on August 12, 1861 and he died May 28, 1860. Both are buried at the Heidelberg church.


Peter Crum,

He married Barbara Snyder (Schneider)

Their children included:
Lovina (married Joshua Danah),
Elizabeth (married John Benninghoff),
and Polly.




Anthony Krum, one of the pioneer settlers of Heidelberg township, now Lehigh county, made his last will and testament, Nov. 21, 1764, and it was probated Oct. 18, 1765. The will mentions that "my son, John Henry shall have my Sermon Book." It also refers to other children, but does not mention their names. He makes ample provision for his wife, Gertrude. Other children of this pioneer were: George, Johannes, Christian, and Frantz [Krum].

Christian Krum married Maria Neff. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, born on Nov. 28, 1779. Their son, Conrad, was born on Dec. 16, 1776. He married M. Elizabeth Schneider [Snyder], and lived with her fifty-nine years. She was born on Sept. 18, 1784, and was a daughter of John George Schneider [Snyder]. Her death occurred Aug. 12, 1861, in her 77th year. He died May 28, 1860, in his 84th year. Both are buried at the Heidelberg church. They lived in the vicinity of the old Lehigh furnace. He was a wood-chopper and went to the mountains bareheaded almost daily to cut wood. Their children were: Jonas, who lived at Saegersville; Henry; Isaac; and Peter K.

Peter Krum, of the third generation, lived along the mountains in Heidelberg township. He died in West Penn township, Schuylkill county, while residing with his son, Jesse, with whom he spent his last years. He lived to the age of 82 years and is buried in West Penn township. He was a stone mason by trade and a member of the Reformed Church. His wife, Barbara Snyder [Schneider], died about 1836. She is buried at Heidelberg church. Their children were: Jesse; Lovina, married Joshua Danah; Elizabeth, married John Benninghoff; Jonas; Jeremiah and Polly, both not married.

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