An American Family History

The Kemmerer Family





Jacob Kemmerer moved from Saucon township to this township in the early part of his life, previous to 1754. He was a great hunter, and during his life shot a vast number of deer. He also was or acted as captain over a squad of men who went from here across the Blue Mountains to Gnadenhütten to bury those who had been killed by the Indians. He went to the Wyoming Valley to help to protect the whites from the horrible slaughter of the Indians. The land upon which he lived is now owned by Rev. J. S. Renninger, being adjoining land of the tract formerly owned by Paul and Leonard Stein, now the property of Monroe Sensinger. He died about the year 1825, at the age of eighty-eight years. He had a brother Fritz, who was a miller in Allentown.

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