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Johannes Handwerk, Sr., was a large land owner. On November 27, 1761, he sold a tract of 400 acres of land, located in Heidelberg township, Northampton (now Lehigh) county, to his son, John Handwerk, and Nicholas Handwerk, Jr., for the consideration of 300 pounds. Of this tract 130 acres were taken up by warrant from the Province by Henry Hauser, bearing date of April 25, 1744. The 400 acre tract was bounded by lands of Michael Ohl, Peter Handwerk, Bernhard Neff and John Hunsicker. On October 26, 1786, three years before he died, Johannes Handwerk sold three more tracts to his son, John Handwerk.

The third Johannes Handwerk [1777- 1851] son of Johannes, Jr. became the owner of the homestead upon which is erected the historic house, a cut of which appears in the descriptive history of Heidelberg township. After the death of his father he cultivated this land from the time of his marriage until he died. His wife was Catharine Peter [1783]. They had eight children:
Catharine, (married Michael Harter),
Henry (married Elizabeth Schmidt),
Casper, (married Elizabeth German),
Susanna, (married George Neff),
Elizabeth (married Peter Benninger),
Michael (married Lydia Schneck),
Rebecca (married Henry Hoffman),
Nathan (married Lydia Schneider (Snyder)).

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