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St. Jacob's Union Church-Early Years

Codorus Township, York County, Pennsylvania
Lutheran Church
Lutherans are Protestants who follow Martin Luther's religious teachings, especially the doctrine of justification by faith alone.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.

History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of West Pennsylvania of the United Lutheran Church in America, 1825-1925 edited by Adam Stump, D.D. and Henry Anstadt, D.D. Published by the Action of the Synod in Celebration of Its Centennial, Printed For The Synod By J. R. Kerr & Bro., Chambersburg, Penna.,1925, Pg 485-486

According to an old deed, Jacob's Union Church is built on land granted by the State during Governorship of Thomas McKean. This is the way the deed reads:

Know ye, that in consideration of the sum of Thirty-one Dollars and three cents lawful money now paid by George Werner, Andrew Miller, Francis Bachman, and Jacob Ruhlman, Elders of the Presbyterian and Lutheran Congregations of the County of York, - into the Receiver General's Office of the Commonwealth, there is granted, by the said Commonwealth unto the said George Werner, Andrew Miller, Francis Bachman and Jacob Ruhlman in trust for the use herein after mentioned - a certain tract of land called Teachers' Resort - situated in Codorus Township, York Co., - containing Forty-five Acres.

The granting of this land took place in the year 1767. The first church was dedicated on the 4th of July, 1761. The organization of a church was at least five years earlier in 1756. The Record shows baptisms from this early period on up to the present. It is supposed the services were held in a school house until the dedication of the first church in 1761.

The first building was a log building and was soon found to be too small owing to rapid increase in membership. In the year 1789 the log church was torn down and replaced by a stone structure of larger dimensions, from which also it received its name, Stone Church.

In 1855, it again became necessary on account of the rapid growth in membership and the increased demand for better facilities, to take the last named structure down and build one of larger dimensions....

The following are some of the ministers who served the congregation:
Rev. Frederick V. Melsheimer, 1790 to 1814;
John F. Melsheimer, 1814 to 1826;
Jacob Kempfer

York County is in south central Pennsylvania and was created on August 19, 1749 from part of Lancaster County.

Settlers often built log cabins as their first homes.



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