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Daniel Beeler was born on March 27, 1810.

His first wife was Elizabeth Yeakle. Elizabeth was born about 1809 in Pennsylvania. Her parents were Michael Yeakle and Julia Ann Bobb.

Julia Ann Beeler (1835, married William Pierce Fox),
John J. Beeler (1839)
Michael Beeler (1842)
Hannah Beeler (1844)
Lydia Ann Beeler (1846)

He married Margaret Shafer in 1848.

William Henry Beeler (1849)
Daniel Beeler (1851)
Elizabeth Catherine Beeler (1852)
Mary Harriet Beeler (1853)
George A. Beeler (1855)
Frederick Samuel Beeler (1859)

He died on January, 1892 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio.

Hamilton Evening Journal
January 12, 1892



The St. Peters's Lutheran Church, one and a half miles south-west of Hamilton, was organized as early as 1806 by Germans, who had settled in this part of the township, from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina.

The cemetery includes the following listings:

Daniel Beeler died 1846 age 36 yrs 3 mo 25 days born 10 Jan 1810 at Roofhk.

Elisabeth Beeler - Wife of Daniel Beeler Born 1810 Died Feb. 5, 1846 36 yrs. 3 mos. 25 days. Daughter of Michael and Julia Ann Yaekle.


from Chancery Record Book 1, pg 367 dated July 1855

Michael Yaekle - Partition of property made 1843 SecĀ¼ 35 township 4 range 1.
record dated July 1855
mentions the children as follows:
1. Mary wife of Baltzer Getty
2. Catherine wife of Henry Zellers
3 Michael Yeakle
4 John
5 David
6 Elizabeth wife of Daniel Beeler both deceased name minor children: Julia Ann, John Michael, Hannah, Anna S.
7 Lydia wife of Jacob Descombs

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