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1812 Clark County Soldiers

Clark County, Ohio was formed March 1, 1817, from Champaign, Madison and Greene Counties. The first settlement was in 1796. The inhabitants of German Township were German Lutherans who came from Virginia.

Name rank   company remarks
George Albin        
Frederick Ambrose     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Peter Baker        
Amos Bailey     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Michael L. Bailey     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Joseph Batcher     Ensign William Lamma  
Andrew Black     Ensign William Lamma  
James Black Cpl      
Charles Botkin        
Henry Brandeburg     Ensign William Lamma  
John Branstitter        
James Brown     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Peter Bruner        
William Buckley Lt   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
John Callison, Sr.     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
John Callison, Jr.     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Zebulon Cantrill     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Isaac Carter     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Joseph Chestnut     Ensign William Lamma  
Joseph Clevinger Ensign   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Joseph Coffe        
Henry Coffman     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Arthur Collison Sgt   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Jacob Conner     Ensign William Lamma  
John Cruca     Ensign William Lamma  
Jeremiah Curl       drafted
William Curl        
Abraham Custer     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Dawson     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Richard Dawson        
Joseph Duncan     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Jesse Egman        
Thomas Elliott     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
William Elliott     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Jacob Ellsworth        
William Enoch        
Stewart Foagey     Ensign William Lamma  
John Fongy     Ensign William Lamma  
John Ford     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Thomas Ford     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Foley        
Jacob Frantz     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Moses Fuller Cpl   Ensign William Lamma  
William H. Fyffe     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Benjamin P. Gaines        
Gersham Gard        
John Gentis        
Jesse Godard        
Joseph Gutridge     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Joseph Hallin     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Elijah Hammett        
Charles Harrison Sgt   Capt. Joseph Vance  
Alexander Hayes Cpl -   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
James Henderson Cpl -   Ensign William Lamma  
David Henry     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Joab Howell     Ensign William Lamma  
Daniel Hubbell Sgt   Ensign William Lamma  
Valentine "Felty" Hullinger        
William Hunt        
Philip Jarbo     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Edward Johnson     Capt. Joseph Vance  
David Jones        
Joseph Keifer        
John Kellar     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Solomon Kelley     Ensign William Lamma  
Adam Kiblinger        
Daniel Kiblinger        
Jacob Kiblinger        
David Kizer        
Philip Kizer        
James Lamma     Ensign William Lamma  
William Lamma Ensign   Ensign William Lamma  
William Layton        
Samuel Leffel     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Britton Lewis     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Lewis     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Peter Lintz     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Obediah Lippencott        
Brumfield Long     Ensign William Lamma  
Daniel Long        
Cooper Ludlow     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
John Maggart        
Abner Martin Sgt   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Jacob Martin     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Isaac Martin     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Henry Mathew     Capt. Joseph Vance  
A. McConkey        
Archibald McGrew     Capt. Joseph Vance  
William McGrew     Capt. Joseph Vance  
James McIntire Sgt   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Samuel McKinney Sgt   Ensign William Lamma  
Samuel McPerson     Ensign William Lamma  
William McRoberts     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Reuben McSherry Sgt   Capt. Joseph Vance  
James Mesate     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Martin Miller     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
John Minnick     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Archibald Mitchell     Ensign William Lamma  
John Moony        
Benjamin Morris     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
James Morris Sgt   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Richard Morris     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Jacob Moses       drafted
Jacob Moss        
Isaac Myers Ensign   Capt. Joseph Vance  
William Nail     Ensign William Lamma  
Daniel Newcomb     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Jacob Olinger        
Jacob Olinger     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Philip Olinger     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
William Overpack        
William Overpeck     ¬†Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Elias Palmer     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
David W. Parkingson Sgt   Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Pearce     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Jacob Pence        
Peter Pence        
Solomon Petty     Capt. Joseph Vance  
James Rayburn     Ensign William Lamma  
Connoway Rector        
Elijah Richards     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Lewis Rigdon     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Rigdon     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Ross     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Prestly Ross        
William Runkle       Judge
- ?- Runyan        
William Runyan        
George Sanders     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Randal Sargeant     Capt. Joseph Vance  
William Sargeant     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Jeremiah Simms Capt   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
William Simes     Ensign William Lamma  
Samuel Slower     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Abraham Smith        
Jacob Smith Cpl   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Andrew Sparks Cpl   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
George Stafford     Ensign William Lamma  
Thomas Stafford Sgt   Ensign William Lamma  
William Stapleton     Ensign William Lamma  
William Stevens     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Francis Stevenson     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Stephen Stewart     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Matthias Sturm     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John A. Swearinger Cpl   Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Bennet Tabar     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Tarnplin     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
John Taylor     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Pearce Taylor        
Lord Thomas     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Francis Thompson     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
Andrew Thorp     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John W. Vance     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Joseph Vance Capt   Capt. Joseph Vance  
William Vance¬†     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Adam Verdiar     Ensign William Lamma  
Joseph Voll     Capt. Joseph Vance  
John Waggoner     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
James Ward Sgt   Capt. Joseph Vance  
William Ward Lieut   Capt. Joseph Vance  
Hugh W. Wallace        
John Wallace     Ensign William Lamma  
Moses Wallace     Ensign William Lamma  
William Wickerly     Capt. Jeremiah Simms  
John Wiley     Capt. Joseph Vance  
Abraham Zirkle        
Emanuel Zirkle        

In the War of 1812 (1812-1815) the United States declared war on England because of trade restrictions, impressment, and British support for Indian attacks. They signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 after reaching a stalemate.



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