An American Family History

Henry Kessler's Company 1782


Name Rank  
Bealer John Corp  
Eppele Jacob Sergt  
Haffner Jacob Corp  
Hamm John Lieut  
Jonas Daniel Corp  
Kesler Henry Captain  
Rhorbach Lawrence Sergt  
Stomback Jacob Sergt  
Bealer Jacob Sr   1st
Brenman Samuel   1st
Miller Jacob   1st
Schneider (Snyder) Martin   1st
Stomback Henry   1st
Strithoff John   1st
Backer Jacob   2nd
Groft Conrod   2nd
Krebs Peter   2nd
Miller Michael   2nd
Peter Stephen   2nd
Reber John   2nd
Werley George   2nd
Brilhart Joseph   3rd
Kerver Henry   3rd
Meyer John   3rd
Miller Adam   3rd
Renolly Christian   3rd
Strithoff Jacob   3rd
Brenman Benjamin   4th
Fernsler George   4th
Hoffman Adam   4th
Miller Andrew   4th
Saback Jacob   4th
Saur Philip   4th
Werley Jacob   4th
Wertz Daniel   4th
Wesley Henry   4th
Backer William   5th
Brilhart Christian   5th
Hamm Daniel   5th
Kenoyer Ulrick   5th
Miller Andrew   5th
Rhorback Christian   5th
Ruble Christian   5th
Deshner Georg   6th
Hofman Yost   6th
Hollinger Valentin   6th
Huber Ulrick   6th
Renolly Jacob   6th
Werley Henry   6th
Bealer Jacob   7th
Kesler Peter   7th
King Thomas   7th
Kline John   7th
Sheyrer Michael   7th
Shultz Lawrence   7th
Stomback Peter   7th
Epple Jacob Jr   8th
Haffner Christian   8th
Helman Peter   8th
Huber John   8th
Miller John   8th
Rudisill John   8th


Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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