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Jonathan Stout


Jonathan Stout, was born about 1664.

Joseph Stout (1686, married Ruth Brinson),
Sarah Stout, (1689, married Andrew Smith),
Hannah Stout, born 1694, married Jediah Higgins),
Benjamin Stout (1691, married Hannah Bonham),
Zebulon Stout (1698, married Charity Burrows),
Jonathan Stout (1701, married Mary Leigh),
Anna Stout, (1704, married Nehemiah Bonham),
David Stout (1706, married Elizabeth Larrison),
Samuel Stout (1709, married Catherine Simpson).

Jonathan in died March, 1723.




from A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America by David Benedict

One of the three families, who first settled in the tract, now called Hopewell, was that of Jonathan Stout, who arrived here from Middleton, about 1706. The place then was a wilderness and full of Indians. Mr. Stout's wife was Ann Bullen, by whom he had nine children, viz. Joseph, Benjamin, Zebulon, Jonathan, David, Samuel, Sarah, Hannah, and Ann. Six of these children are said to have gone to Pennsylvania for baptism. Thus it appears, that Mr. Stout's family, including the father and mother, furnished eight members for the church. . .

The family of the Stouts are so remarkable for their number, origin, and character, in both church and state, that their history deserves to be conspicuously recorded; and no place can be so proper as that of Hopewell, where the bulk of the family resides. . .

The origin of this Baptist family is no less remarkable; for they all sprang from one woman, and she as good as dead. . .

Mister ( Mr.) was derived from master and Mrs. and Miss were derived from mistress. They indicated people of superior social status in colonial America.


1722 Nov. 24. Stout, Jonathan, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of. Children—Joseph, Sarah, Hannah, Benjamin, Zebulon, Jonathan, David, Samuel, Anne. Real and personal estate (1-16 of a proprietary share).
Executor—Andrew Smith.
Witnesses—Hezekiah Bonham, Hezekiah Bunell, Bartho. Corwine.
Proved March 25, 1723.

Hunterdon County was originally part of Burlington County, West Jersey. It was set off from Burlington County on March 11, 1714. It included Amwell, Hopewell, and Maidenhead Townships.



from The Jerseyman, Volume 11 edited by Hiram Edmund Deats

Jonathan Stout, son of Richard, born 1664, died March, 1723, married Ann Bullen. He was one of the first settlers of North Eastern Hopewell.

Joseph [Stout], born 1686.
Benjamin [Stout], born 1696.
David [Stout], born 1706.
Zebulon [Stout], born 1699.
Samuel [Stout], born 1709.
Sarah [Stout], born 1689, married Andrew Smith; five sons, Jonathan, Andrew, George, Charles and Timothy. Their only daughter, Anna, married John Titus, son of John, of Hopewell.
Hannah [Stout], born 1694, married Jediah Higgins.
Anna [Stout], born 1704, married Nehemiah Bonham.

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