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Daniel Howell


Daniel Howell was born about 1753 in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, He was the son of John Howell who was the son of Daniel Howell.

He married Elizabeth Yerkes. Elizabeth was born in 1758 and was the daughter of Silas Yerkes and Hannah Dungan.

Daniel and Elizabeth's children included:

Hannah Howell (1774),
Sarah Howell (1776),
Elizabeth Howell (1779),
Esther Howell (1780, married Jacob Gordon),
John Howell (1782, married Mary Peart),
Deborah Howell (1784, married Uriah Wilson),
Mary Howell (1787, married Aaron Hise)
Rebecca Howell (1790, married William Lukens)
Martha Howell, (1792)
Susanna Howell  (1794, married George W. Elkins),
Silas Howell (1797, married Mary Jane Henderson)

In 1780 Daniel a private in the 3rd Company, First Battalion of the Philadelphia County Militia.

He purchased lands in Moreland township, 1 August, 1781, and 12 December, 1795.

Elizabeth died on September 2, 1826,

Daniel died in February, 1830 in Moreland Township, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County; Pennsylvania.




Daniel Howell (John4, Captain Daniel3, Daniel2, Thomas1) was born at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, about 1753; died in Moreland township, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) county; Pennsylvania, in February, 1830, and is buried in the graveyard of the Southampton Baptist church, Bucks county. He purchased lands in Moreland township, 1 August, 1781, and 12 December, 1795. He married, circa 1773, Elizabeth Yerkes, born 26 March, 1758 ; died 2 September, 1826 ; daughter of Silas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Dungan.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Yerkes) Howell, born in Moreland township:

Hannah Howell, born 30 July, 1774.
Sarah Howell, born 15 July, 1776.
Elizabeth Howell, born 19 February, 1779.
Esther Howell born 15 December, 1780; died 2 July, 1860; married Jacob Gordon.
John Howell, born 15 November, 1782; died 15 August, 1849; married Mary Peart.
Deborah Howell, born 2 November, 1784; died 1848; married Uriah Wilson.
Mary Howell, born 16 August, 1787; died 20 August, 187 ; married Aaron Hise.
Rebecca Howell, born 22 March, 1790; died 16 December, 1859; married William Lukens.
Martha Howell, born 26 August, 1792
Susanna Howell born 5 December, 1794; died 12 August, 1867; married George W. Elkins.
Silas Howell, born 20 March, 1797; died 2 August, 1880; married Mary Jane Henderson.



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