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Daniel Howell

  This Daniel Howell is sometimes confused with Daniel Howell of Trenton.  

Daniel Howell was born on September 4, 1688 in Pennsylvania. He was the son of Daniel Howell and Hannah Lakin.

He married Else Reading

Daniel Howell (1714, married Julianna Holcomb),
Elizabeth Howell (1714, married Lucas Ryerson,
John Howell (1721, married Elizabeth Yerkes),
Joseph Howell (1722),
Benjamin Howell (1725, married Agnes Woolever), and
Mary Howell (1727).

Daniel died in 1733 in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.




Hunterdon County was originally part of Burlington County, West Jersey. It was set off from Burlington County on March 11, 1714. It included Amwell, Hopewell, and Maidenhead Townships.

from Genealogical and Biographical Memorials of the Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and Elkins Families by Josiah Granville Leach

Captain Daniel Howell (Daniel, Thomas) was born at Livewell, on Cooper's creek, Gloucester (now Camden) county, New Jersey, circa 1688, and died in Amwell township, Hunterdon county, New Jersey, in 1733.

He was among the early settlers of Amwell, and, while the date of his removal from Pennsylvania is uncertain, it is believed that it occurred about the time of his marriage, and that he settled on lands given him by his father-in-law, Colonel John Reading, the founder of Amwell.

He was a farmer and miller, and at the time of his decease was engaged in the mining of copper, the earliest mining industry in Hunterdon county. His copper furnace he devised to his sons Joseph and Benjamin.

Captain Howell in 1719 served on the first grand jury in the county; was commissioned, 4 May, 1721, coroner, and was the first to hold the office in that county; and in 1722 he became one of the first assessors, and the following year a commissioner of highways. On 20 September, 1725, he was commissioned one of his Majesty's justices of the peace and of the quorum for Hunterdon county,...

On the date of the last appointment he was also commissioned "Captain of the Regiment of militia for ye Township of Amwell in ye County of Hunterdon whereof John Reading EsqTM is Colonel." His advancement to prominence was no doubt assisted by the influence of his father-in-law, who was the foremost citizen of the county and one of the leading men of the colony.

Captain Howell married, about 1710, Elsie, daughter of Colonel John Reading. He died between 9 September and 24 October, 1733- His wife had evidently deceased previously, as she is unnamed in his will...

Children of Captain Daniel and Elsie (Reading) Howell:

Elizabeth Howell, married Lucas Ryerson.
Daniel Howell, died 1790; married Julianna Holcombe.
John Howell, born 8 August, 1721 ; died 27 July, 1808; married Elizabeth Yerkes.
Joseph Howell.
Benjamin Howell, married Agnes Wooliver.
Mary Howell.



In the Name of God Amen I Daniel Howell of Amwell in the County of Hunterdon and Western Division of the Province of New Jersey Yeo: being weak of Body but of perfect mind and memory (thanks be to God) Do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following

ffirst I committ my Soul into the hands of Almighty God....

Item I give unto my eldest Son Daniel Howell Jun'r a young brown horse with a straw and a feather bed in right and full satisfaction of his primogeniture or birthright. 

Item I give unto my son John Howell a Gray Mare formerly bought from Thomas Lambert.

Item I give unto my Sons Joseph and Benjamin the Copper ffurnace.

Item I give unto my two daughters namely Elizabeth and Mary each of them a feather bed with their furniture and Severall household goods & utensils of housewifery which was their mothers together with her wearing apparel.

Item I will that all the rest and residue of my personal estate not heretofore disposed of be with all convenient speed sold and the reparations of the mill now in hand to be defrayed out of the same and when So don the remainder of the value thereof together with the Income of the mill & Plantation to be put out & expended for the maintenance and bringing up of my Children in their minority and when so don the remaining part thereof after Charges deducted shall be equally divided amongst my surviving Children share and share alike 

Item I give and bequeath unto my said Sons Daniel and John 

  • the Cornor Grist Mill and
  •  the Land thereunto belonging with
  •  the Geers & Utensols thereunto belonging Together also with
  • Sixty Acres of Land to be taken from the upper Side of the ffarm or Plantacon whereon I now dwell
    • fronting upon ye river so far down the same till a line from thence will include half of ye young orchard by the Barn and
    • to run the sd Course to the next Hollow from thence (if it can be in a straight line)
    • to the rear of the Tract saving always the Improvements to the old ffarm

And also the liberty to lead the water in a Dich or otherwise from the present water course to suit their own conveniency To hold to them and their Heirs & assigns for ever in severalty as Tenants in Common and not as Joynt Tennants but in case either of my said sons should dye before the age of One & twenty years then the share of him so dying shall descend to and become the right of the Survivor his Heirs and assigns forever 

Item I give and bequeath unto my said sons Joseph and Benjamin the remaining part of the Plantacon whereon I now dwell with the Buildings Improvements and advantages thereunto belonging to be divided between them share and share alike according to the Quality thereof To hold to them in severallty and their Severall heirs & assigns for ever as Tenants in common and not as Joynt Tennants but in case either of my said Sons should dye before they severally arrive to the age of Twenty One years Then the share of him so dying shall descend to and become the Right of the Survivor his heirs and Assigns forever

 Item I give and Bequeath unto my daughters namely Elizabeth and Mary all the Tract of Land ffarm or Plantacon situate at Aliashokkin in the township of Amwell aforesaid with the buildings & Improvements thereunto belonging to be divided between them Share and Share alike according to the quality thereof To hold to them their heirs & assigns for ever in Severallty as tenants in common and not as joint Tenants But in case either of my said Daughters should dye before they severally arrive to the age of Eighteen years Then the share of her so dying shall descend to and become the right of the survivor her heirs and assigns forever

And I do hereby ordain make and appoint my Brothers in Law John Reading & William Rightinghousen executors of this my Last will & Testament Intreating of them to cause the same to be punctually observed performed and Kept

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this nineth day of September in the Seventh Year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second over Great Brittain &ct King Annoque Dome One Thousand Seven hundred Thirty and Three.

Daniel Howell. [seal.] 

Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the
sd Daniel Howell to be his last will and Testament in the presence of
Samuel Fleming
Francis Mason
Walter Cane

It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.

The spelling cõn is the same as tion.


from Genealogy of Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, "Old Hunterdon County," New Jersey by Eli Field Cooley, William Scudder Cooley

Else Reading, daughter of John (1), became the wife of Daniel Howell, who resided in the upper part of the state, near Amwell, who died about 1730, date of his will, his executors being his brother-in-law, John Reading (2), and Mr. Rittenhouse. Their children were: Daniel; John; Elizabeth; Mary; Benjamin; and Joseph.




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