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Ketocin Baptist Church

Catoctin Mountain is part of the eastern ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is also called Ketoctin, Kittochiny, Kittockton, Kittocton, and South Mountain. The Ketoctin Baptist Church in Loudoun County, Virginia was founded in 1745. It was a log church with an earth floor. Many settlers in the area were atheists or deists and when others gathered for services, they remained outside socializing.
1776 Communicants    
Barton, Elizabeth    
Best, Thomas    
Bestly, Ester    
Calwel, Joseph    
Carter, Elizabeth    
Dowie, Benjamin    
Hill, Samuel    
Humphrey, Thomas and wife  
James, Elias and wife  
James, Martha    
Lewis, George and wife  
Lewis, Mary    
Loyd, James    
Loyd, Ruth    
Maccoly, Robert and wife  
Mail, John and wife  
Marks, John and wife  
McKinney, Mary    
Milnor, Pathia    
Moreland, Hannah    
Morgan, Abel    
Morley, William    
Oxley, Henry    
Ozben, Rachel Osborn  
Ozben, Sarah Osborn  
Phillips, Jenkin and wife  
Powell, Joseph    
Russell, Sarah    
Summers, Jack and wife  
Summers, Jemine    
Summers, Michael    
Timothy Hixon and wife  
Williams, John    
Wilson, Ezebel    





From Legends of Loudoun Valley - Ketocin Baptists

Unfortunately, many pages of the old minute book of Ketoctin church are missing so that the first recorded history of the church begins August 3, 1776. However, on page 93 of the minutes of the Philadelphia Conference printed in book form and found in the Congressional Library and included in a table is the following,

Loudoun County, Virginia
Constituted October 1, 1751
Joined the Association October 8, 1754
with 11 members
First Minister, John Thomas.

Again quoting from these minutes,

Oct. 8, 1754, Concluded to receive Ketoctin and the church of Opokon, in Virginia, into fellowship with this Association.

The first list of the names of the members of this church that has been preserved gives the 50 following communicants as of 1776:

Michael Summers, John Marks and wife, Henry Oxley, Timothy Hixon and wife, Joseph Calwel, Jenkin Phillips and wife, Rachel Ozben (now Osborn), Sarah Ozben, Thomas Humphrey and wife, Elias James and wife, Benjamin Dowie, Robert Maccoly and wife, George Lewis and wife, William Morley, James Loyd, Ruth Loyd, Ezebel Wilson, Ester Bestly, Mary Lewis, John Mail and wife, Sarah Russell, Abel Morgan, Thomas Best, John Williams, Mary McKinney, Elizabeth Barton, Pathia Milnor, Jack Summers and wife, Jemine Summers, Samuel Hill, Hannah Moreland, Joseph Powell, Elizabeth Carter, Martha James.

Ketoctin church stands on the south side of the south branch of the creek of the same name and is about 2½ miles northwest of Purcellville. It is located on an elevation in a grove of majestic oaks. To the north and east immediately next to the church is the cemetery in which lie the remains of many members of the leading families of that part of the county. It has been said Capt. Timothy Hixson is buried in that cemetery .



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