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The Salem witch trials were between February, 1692 and May, 1693.

William Smith was born about 1629.

He married Rebecca Keyes. She was the daughter of Robert and Sarah Keyes.

William Smith, Jr. (1658),
Rebecca Smith (1662),
Joseph Smith (1665)
Benjamin Smith (1667),
Solomon Smith (1669) ,
Samuel Smith (1672),
Sarah Smith (1675, married Jonathan Bixby) and
Mary Smith (1680).

In 1666, William was made a corporal in the Topsfield militia.

In 1684, the wife of William Smith was listed as a member in full communion of the Topsfield church.

William died in 1692.


Robert Smith was born in 1626 in England.

He married Mary French.

Thomas Smith (1656, married Martha Knowlton),
Mary Smith (1658, married, Feb. 2, 1680, John Towne),
Phebe Smith (1661, married June 24, 1684, Jacob Towne),
Ephraim Smith (1663, married, Sept. 6, 1694, Mary Ramsdell),
Samuel Smith (1666),
Amy Smith (1668, married Joseph Towne),
Sarah Smith (1670, died young),
Nathaniel Smith (1672)

Rebecca Symonds.

Mariah Smith (1677, married Peter Shumway) 

In 1684, the wife of Robert Smith was listed as a member in full communion of the Topsfield church.

In 1792, 25 year old Samuel Smith testified against Mary Towne Estey.

Robert died on August 30, 1693.




from Encyclopedia of Massachusetts Biography

William  Smith, having appeared in Ipswich, Massachusetts, when March 1, 1653. he and  Robert Wallis rented the farm of William  Goodhue. The latter agreed to build them  a house thirty feet long with two chimneys, a barn forty feet long and twenty feet wide, with a lean-to at one end, and  to provide them with four bullocks, each  four years old. For the first year's rent,  Smith and Wallis agreed to fence in the  farm, and afterward to pay 20£ a year  for fourteen years. They were to keep  the buildings and fences in repair and  pay their rent to William Goodhue in  wheat and barley, or corn and pork. At  this time William Smith was about twenty-one years old, and by occupation  a sawyer.

He married, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, July 6, 1657, Rebecca Keyes, daughter of Robert Keyes, of Watertown  and Newbury. Their seven children were born in Topsfield.

He took an active interest in military affairs, and in June, 1666, was chosen corporal of a militia  company which was organized in Topsfield. 

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