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Thomas Scudder, Sr. was born about 1587 in England.  He may have been the son of Dr. Henry Scudder.

His wife's name was Elizabeth.

John Scudder,
Thomas Scudder,
Henry Scudder (1615, married Catherine Estey) and
Elizabeth Scudder (1622, married Henry Barthlomew).

The family came to New England in 1636.

They settled in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts in 1642.

John, Thomas and Henry came to Huntington via. Southold about 1653 to 6.

Thomas died in Salem in 1657





Long Island Genealogies by Mary Powell Bunker, Mrs. Mary Powell (Seaman) Bunker

Thomas Scudder, Sr. came from Groton, England with wife Elisabeth, in 1636. Settled at Salem, Mass., died there in 1657, children:
Henry and
John came from Salem to Southold, L. I. in 1651. In 1656, all sold out to John Baylis, and removed to Huntington, L. I. Later some of the families went to Jamaica, L. I. to reside.


from Genealogical and personal memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, Volume 2 edited by Francis Bazley Lee

Thomas Scudder. the direct ancestor of William Van Dyke Scudder, was a descendant of William Scooder, of Darenthe, Kent, England, whose will was dated July 27, 1607, and probated November 4 of that year. 

Thomas Scudder sailed from London to America in 1635. He settled in Salem, Massachusetts, where he resided until his death in 1658. He was familiarly known as "Old Goodman Scudder."

In his will, dated 1657, he names his wife Elizabeth, his sons, John, Thomas and Henry, his daughter, Elizabeth, and his grandson, Thomas a son of his son William.

His wife died in 1666.

His daughter, Elizabeth, married Henry Bartholomew, a man of distinction in Massachusetts, and they had two children.

His son William resided in Salem until his death, leaving a son, Thomas, who married Sarah Maverick, and died in Boston in 1689. In hia will he calls himself a mariner, and names his wife, Sarah, but no children.

(II) Thomas Scudder, son of Thomas (1) and Elizabeth Scudder, left Salem in 1651 and after a residence of some years in Southold removed to Huntington, Long Island, where he settled. He became the proprietor by grant and purchase of about one thousand acres of valuable land, a large portion of which is still held by his descendants. His death occurred in 1690.

He married Mary , who survived him, and they had children:
Mary, married Robert Arthur.
Elizabeth, married Walter Noakes.
Sarah, married Conklin.
Clemar, married Clemens.
Mercy, who died unmarried.


from Huntington Town Records

Thomas Scudder, Jr. vs. Edward Higbee
October 17, 1660

Thomas Skodar plainive against Eadward higbe defendant in an ackcion of defamasion to the damag of a hundred pound the plaintive declaimeth that Eadward higbe hase charged hem that he and his wife are both in fere of thur lifes of the plantife. the defendant ownes the charg.
the 17 of ocktto. I660.

thomas skodar plaintive against Eadward higbe defendant in an ackcion of slandar to damag of twenti pound the plaintive declameth that the defendant charged hem with the houlding of hem by the throt hallf an oure, the deposition of good Laten he deposeth that good higbe sed that thomas skoddar tok hem by the throt and helld hem hallf an ouar or thar about and all most throtelled hem.

for the first ackion of the cost Thomas skodars Eadward higbe is to give publick satisfackcion or pay the Skoddar five poundes with the cost and charg of the cort.

for the second the cort finds for the plat that the defendant

shall give publock satisfact or pay 20 shilling and all so to pay 10 shilling for his ly with the cost and charge of the cort

[*This was Thomas Scudder, Jr., son of Thomas Scudder, Sr., who is believed to have been a son of Dr. Henry Scudder, who presided at a Convention of clergymen appointed by order of the King, at Westminster Abbey, England, in 1643. Thomas Sr., came from Groton, England, in 1636. His wife's name was Elizabeth; and he settled at Salem, Mass. in 1642, and died there in 1657, leaving children, John, Thomas, Henry and Elizabeth. John, Thomas and Henry came to Huntington via. Southold about 1653 to 6. Thomas was a farmer and tanner. He settled near the head of Huntington Harbor and died in 1690. His homestead has remained in his descendants to the present time and is now owned by Geo. W. Scudder and John R. Scudder.—C. R. S.]

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