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David Cummings

  also spelled Comings  
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David Cummings, was born in Ipswich, Essex County Massachusetts on April 15, 1698. He was the son of of John Cummings and Susannah Towne.

His first wife was named Anna.

David Cummings (1729),
Jonathan Cummings 1730-01, died as an infant),
Samuel Cummings
Anna Cummings (1734, married Moses Perkins),
Susanna Cummings (1737, married Edmund Towne),
Elizabeth Cummings (1739, died as an infant).

Anna died on February 9, 1741.

He married Sarah Goodhue in October 1741. Sarah was the daughter of John Goodhue and Sarah Sherwin.

Jonathan Cummings (1743)
Stephen Cummings (1744-5)
Elizabeth Cummings (1746-7, died as an infant) ,
Daniel Cummings (1749)
Archelaus Cummings (1752.)

David died in 1765 in Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts.

After David died, Sarah married George Bixby on May 25, 1769.

The settlement of New Meadows was incorporated as the Town of Topsfield in 1650. The church "gathered" on November 4, 1663. The third Meeting House was built in 1703 with Rev. Joseph Capen as pastor.




from Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs, Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter

Cornet David Cummings, fourth son and child of John (3) and Susanna (Town) Cummings, was born in Ipswich. Massachusetts, April 15, 1698, and died at Topsfield, same state, April 2, 1765. David Cummings and his brother John gave the land for the burying ground on the South Side. He also owned land in Middleton, Massachusetts.

He married (first) Anna . . born 1710. died February 9, 1741, by whom he had children:
1. David, born March 26, 1729.
2. Jonathan, born March 14, 1730-1; died April 6. 1731.
3. Samuel, see forward.
4. Anna, born October 20, 1734; married, April 11, 1754, Moses Perkins.
5. Susanna, born May 8, 1737; married, December 8, 1763, Edmund Town.
6. Elizabeth, born September 17, 1739. died February 13, 1741.

He married (second), published October 30, 1741, Sarah Goodhue, daughter of John and Sarah (Sherwin) Goodhue, and they had children:
1. Jonathan, born October 14, 1743.
2. Stephen, born January 27, 1744-5.
3. Elizabeth, born January 19, 1746-7. died February 13, 1746-7.
4. Daniel, born August 30, 1749.
5. Archelaus, born January 1, 1652.

Sarah (Goodhue) Cummings married (second), May 25, 1769, Deacon George Bixby, and died June 30, 1776, aged sixty-four years.

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