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Ayers Family Ipswich


 John Ayers was born about 1616.

He married Susanna Symonds.

His children were....

Of these
John Ayers
Samuel Ayers (married Abigail Fellows),
Thomas Ayers (Mary Errington)
Joseph Ayers
Edward Ayers
Mark Ayers
Susanna Ayers (married Thomas Day)

In 1674 he was killed when Brookfield was destroyed.


Samuel Ayers

He married Abigail Fellows on April 16, 1677

Mary Ayers (1677)
John Ayers (1678)
William Ayers (1681)
Ephraim Ayers (1686)
Stephen Ayers (1688)
Jabez Ayers ( 1690)
Samuel Ayers
Joseph Ayers
Ebenezer Ayers
Edward Ayers (1693, married Jemima Davis)

He died before Oct., 1717


from A Record of the Descendants of Captain John Ayres of Brookfield, Mass by William Henry Whitmore, John Ayres (Captain.)

Edwards Ayres of Brookfield, m. Jemima Davis there, 19 Nov. 1718, and had
William b. 16 Dec. 1719; d. 20 Oct. 1721.
John b. 10 Jan. 1721-2.
Abigail b. 13 Feb. 1723-4.
Hannah b. 2 May, 1726; d. 25 Oct. 1738.
Samuel b. 25 Feb. 1727-8; d. 24 Oct. 1730.
Jedediah b. 7 Sept. 1729.
Ephraim b. 13 June, 1733.
Edward b. 31 Jan. 1734-5.




Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England.

from Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts, Volume 3 by J. H. Beers & Co

Capt. John Ayers of Ipswich, 1648, was a petitioner for what is now Brookfield in 1660, whither he removed with the first settlers and was a leading man in the new plantation.

He married Susanna, daughter of Mark Symonds of Ipswich. He was killed by the Indians at the time they destroyed Brookfield, in 1675.

His children were....

Of these
John was a shipwright of Boston;
Samuel married Abigail Fellows of Newbury;
Thomas married Mary Errington, of Ipswich;
Joseph removed from Ipswich to Brookfield in 1717;
Edward was of Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine, as was
Susanna married Thomas Day, of Gloucester. ..

Colonial legislatures granted land to a group of settlers (proprietors) who chose how to divide the land. They had some rights of governance.


from The History of the Treman, Tremaine, Truman Family in America, Volume 2 by Ebenezer Mack Treman

Samuel Ayers. (John.) 360060. He married, April 16, 1677, Abigail Fellows. He died before Oct., 1717. Residence, Newbury and Rowley, Mass.


Mary. Born Jan. 13, 1677.
John. Born March 16, 1678.
William. Born Jan. 26, 1681.
Ephraim. Born Feb. 13, 1686.
Stephen. Born March 13, 1688.
Jabez. Born Dec. 27, 1690.

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