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Captain Joseph Gould's Company
Colonel John Baker


"[L]iberty must at all hazards be supported.
We have a right to it, derived from our Maker.
But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us,
at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood."

-- John Adams, 1765



At a Meeting of the Alarm List and Training Band of the Foot company [infantry], in Topsfield, on the 5th of December, 1774 to choose officers for the said Company, (agreeable to the advice of the Provincial Congress), voted, Mr. Stephen Perkins, chairman; voted, Mr. Joseph Gould. Captain.

The Day being Spent, a Motion was made for said Meeting to be adjourned to the next Morning9 o'clock; the Question was put and passed in the Affirmative and accordingly said Meeting was adjourned to said Time.

December 6. Said Alarm List and Training Band met according to adjournment, a Motion was made said Company to be divided into two distinct Companies; the Question was put and accordingly they were divided into two Companies: the first Company voted Mr. Joseph Gould. Captain; Mr. Samuel Cummings, Lieutenant; Mr. Thomas Moore, Ensign; and all the other Officers by a great Majority. The second Company voted Mr. Stephen Perkins, Captain; Mr. Samuel Dodge, Lieutenant; Mr. David Perkins, Ensignand all the other Officers by a great Majority." (Essex Gazette, Dec. 27, 1774.)

On April 19, 1775 the two companies of the Topsfield militia left their plows in midfurrow and galloped off to Lexington and Concord to help drive the Redcoats back to Boston. They did not see active service on that day, however, as they arrived after the battle was over.

February 13, 1777, the town voted to give eight pounds to those who volunteered to serve three years in the American army in addition to what Congress granted. A month later the amount was raised to eighteen pounds. 

In May, 1778, a rate of one hundred and twenty pounds was assessed to defray the charges of clothing for the Topsfield soldiers in the continental army.

In 1780, the town voted to purchase eight thousand four hundred and forty pounds of beef for the army. In 1777, a committee was formed to look after the soldiers' families if need be.

South Ward Company
A muster Roll of Capt. Joseph Gould; Company of the Militia whereof John BakerEsq. is Coll. who marched on the 19th day of April last past in consequence of the Alarm made on that Day by the English Troops. Topsfield, December 26, 1775. The company marched 6O miles and saw a service of 3 to 5 days. Capt. Gould was paid £ l-6-5, while the privates received about 12s 19 ¾d. as an average."

name rank   family remarks
Balch, Cornelius corporal 1749 - 1795 son of John Balch 1716, married Mehitable Dwinnell, daughter of Jacob Dwinnell  
Balch, David   1715-1787 son of David Balch and Hannah Perkins  
Balch, David   1741 son of John Balch 1716, married Esther Estey  
Balch, David, Jr.   1753-1812 son of David Balch 1715  
Balch, Israel   1756- 1778 son of David Balch 1715  
Balch, Robert   1755 - 1842    
Balch, Roger   1755-1842 son of John and Rebecca Smith  
Balch, Samuel   1744 son of John and Rebecca Smith  
Bixby, Daniel   1714-1775   also spelled Bigsbe
Bixby, Daniel, Jr.   1751-1825    
Bixby, Dudley   1756    
Bradstreet, Henry   1742-1818    
Brown, Benjamin        
Cree, John        
Cree, Joseph   1728-1801    
Cree, Samuel   1753    
Cummings, Samuel lieutenant 1732-1796 married Eunice Bradstreet  
Dwinel, John   1745-1818    
Dwinnell, Bartholomew   1728-1801 Grandson of Michael Dwinnell  
Estey, Daniel   1739-1830    
Estey, William   1748    
Fiske, Nathaniel   1741-1815    
Fiske, Samuel   1747-1826    
Gould, Benjamin corporal 1751 - 1841    
Gould, Daniel   1753-1842    
Gould, John   1746-1816    
Gould, John Jr.   1749-1820    
Gould, John 3d   1746-1819    

Gould, Joseph

captain 1715-1803    
Gould, Nathaniel   1753-1842    
Gould, Simon   1755-1831    
Gould, Thomas   1832-1778    
Gould, Zaccheus        
Kimball, Benjamin        
Knight, Ebenezer corporal      
Knight, Enos        
Lake, Eliezer   1724    
Lake, Eliezer , Jr.   1751-1824    
Mower, Thomas ensign      
Nehemiah Herrick sergeant 1737    
Peabody, John sergeant 1730    
Perkins, Elijah drummer 1756-1841    
Perkins, Moses   1732-1807    
Perkins, Moses Jr.   1755-1806    
Perkins, Thomas 3d   1753    
Porter, Daniel   1743-1831    
Porter, Thomas sergeant 1751    
Ray, John   1736-1797    
Ray, John Jr.   1751-1821    
Ray, William   1755-1779    
Thomas Baker, Jr.   1752    
Towne, Arch.   1752-1804    
Towne, David   1715-1778    
Towne, David Jr. sergeant 1744 -1815    
Towne, Ephriam Jr.   1753-1804    
Towne, Jeremiah Jr.   1743    
Towne, Joseph   1728-1789    
Towne, Joseph Jr.   1749-1820    
Towne, Joshua   1721-1788

Towne, Stephen Jr,   1741    
Towne, William   1751    


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