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Moses Chapline's Muster Roll


Moses Chaplin was born about in 1717 Prince George's County Maryland. He was the son of William Chapline III (1686-1752) and Elizabeth Riley (1685-1745).

He lived in the part of Frederick County, Maryland that is now Washington County.

In 1740 Moses married Janette Caton.

He died  on August 13, , 1762 in Keedysville Washington County, Maryland.

Name rank remarks
Brown, John Corporal  
Casteel, John    
Casteel, Zachariah    
Cheney, John    
Cheney, Greenberry   b. 1713, son of Charles Cheney
Cheney, Shadrick   b. 1722, son of Charles Cheney
Chapline, Moses Captain (1717-1763) from Frederick, now Washington Maryland.
Creamore, Henry    
Davis, Hanover    
Dorson, Edward    
George, John    
Harrison, Robert    
Henthorn, Adam    
Hiet, Ezekiah    
Lawrance, John    
Mahon, Anthony    
Mills, Levy    
Ricketts, Cheney   son of Edward Ricketts
Ricketts, Edward   son of Edward Ricketts
Sharp, Mathew    
Shelby, Evan Sergeant  
Shirley, John    
Swearingen, John Ensign  
Tomkins, Thomas    
Vandeveir, John    
Watson, John    
Wilson, Adam    
Wilson, James    
Wilson, Joseph    
York, Jeremiah    



The French and Indian War lasted from 1754 to 1763 and was the North American phase of the Seven Years' War.








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