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Purdy Family


John Purdy was born in Ireland.

He emigrated about 1740, and settled on a farm on Pennypack creek, Moreland Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 

 He married Grace Dunlap on December 3, 1743 at the First Presbyterian Church in  Philadelphia, 

William Purdy (1745, married Mary Roney)
Mary Purdy (1747, married John Ramsay)
Martha Purdy (1749, married John Hellens) 
Elizabeth Purdy (1753, married Benjamin Scott)


A militia is a military unit composed of citizens who are called up in time of need.

William Purdy was born about 1745.

He was bound out to a tailor.

He married Mary Roney. She was the daughter of Hercules Roney.

John Purdy (1767, married Mary Wheeler),
William Purdy
Mary Purdy (1772, married Joseph Yerkes son of Stephen Yerkes),
Thomas Purdy (1774, married Charity Smith),
Sarah Purdy (1777, John Pinkerton and Silas Allen),
James Purdy (1780, married Elizabeth Hathaway and Matilda Blauvelt),
Elizabeth Purdy (1780, died in infancy),
Robert Purdy (1783, married Hannah Brockway),
Joseph Purdy (1786).

In 1772 William witnessed the murder of Patrick Lockhart.

During the American Revolution, William was in Captain Hart's company of the Philadelphia County militia.

Bound children were indentured servants whose master provided training in a craft, board, lodging, and clothes for seven years or until the child came of age.








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