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The Wilson Families in Huntingdon County


Joshua Wilson 1788 Barree Huntingdon

Joshua was in Little's militia in 1788.


John Wilson was born about 1730 in Frederick County, Maryland

He married Mary Beckenbaugh.

John and Mary's children may have included:

Mary Wilson (1754, married Abraham Sells)
Sarah Wilson (1756)
John Wilson, Jr.

John Wilson 1775 Colerain Bedford
John Wilson 1788 Franklin Huntingdon

John Wilson 1788 Tyrone Huntingdon
John Wilson 1788 Dublin Huntingdon

John died after 1790 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

A John Wilson d. 1794 administrators Jane and Robert Wilson


William Wilson was born about 1755 in Frederick County, Maryland.

He married Esther Fickle daughter of Michael Fickle and Margaret Slaymaker.
Esther was born March 31, 1752, York County, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Wilson (1782, married Sarah Wilds,)
Joseph Wilson (1783 - 1851)
Rachael Wilson Paden (1787)
Catharine Wilson Sumner (1789).

On June 3, 1763 received a warrant for two hundred acres on the west side of Shaver’s Creek. The land was owned with James Boner.

William Wilson 1788 Barree Huntingdon
William Wilson 1788 Barree Huntingdon
William Wilson 1788 Huntingdon Huntingdon

William died about 1822 in Fairfield County, Ohio.

Esther died May 20, 1840 in Fairfield County, Ohio.


Robert Wilson, Sr. was born about 1737 in Ireland.

George Wilson (1751, married Margery Caldwell),
James Wilson (1755, married Mary Stewart)
John Wilson (1760)
William Wilson (1763)
Robert Wilson, Jr. (1768, married Mary Caldwell)

Robert Wilson 1788 Tyrone Huntingdon

In 1788 John, James, and George Wilson were in Captain Little's company.

d. 1799 William Wilson and Robert Spencer administrators

Robert Wilson d. 1801 Elizabeth administrator,


Robert Wilson, Jr. was born about 1768.

He married Mary Caldwell

John Calvin Wilson (1801, married Isabella Cole, and Margaret Hewitt)
Robert B. Wilson (1802)
David Wilson (1816)

Nancy Wilson (married James Graham)
Rebecca Wilson (married David Foster)
Eleanor Wilson (married James Davis)
Mary Jane Wilson (married Jonathan Roberts)
Eliza Wilson (1820, married David Cherry)

Mary died in 1850.


from History of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania by J. Simpson Africa, page 404

...Robert Wilson, who had sons named: John Wilson, Robert Wilson, William Wilson and James Wilson.

John Wilson lived on the B.F. Brown place until his death, when his widow married James Shannon.

James Wilson removed to the West.

Robert Wilson lived on the homestead until his death in 1831. He was married to Mary Caldwell, and reared a family of eleven children?

daughters who married James Graham, David Foster, James Davis, Johathan Roberts, and David Cherry.

His son Robert married Margery Stewart, and lived on the old Rung place and became the father of James A. Wilson, Josiah F. Wilson, David C. Wilson and John C. Wilson. John C. Wilson is still living in the township, at the age of eighty years. 


George Wilson, Esquire, was born about 1751. He was the son of Robert Wilson.

He married Margery Caldwell

Ann Wilson (1771, married Samuel Stewart and Hugh Gallagher)
Margaret Wilson (1778, married John Stewart)
Rachel Wilson (1795, married George Wilson )
Robert Wilson (1774, married Mary Anderson)
David Wilson (1797)
Mary Wilson (1780, married William Porter)
Nancy (married George Gray)
Jane (1790, married Andrew McClelland)
George Wilson (1799)
James Wilson
Rebecca Wilson (1780, married David Porter)

George Wilson Esquire 1773 Springhill Bedford

George Wilson 1788 Barree Huntingdon

George Wilson was in Little's militia company in 1788.

George Wilson 1789 Barree Huntingdon

George Wilson d. 1814 William and George Wilson executors


James Wilson was born about 1755. He was the son of Robert Wilson.

He married Mary Stewart.

John Wilson (1760)
William Wilson (1763)
Robert Wilson
Martha Wilson (1771, married John Forrest in 1796)
James Wilso

James and son John were kidnapped by indigenous warriors. John was sold to be a servant and James was adopted by an Indian tribe after running the gauntlet. James was freed, John escaped and walked back to Pennsylvania.

James Wilson 1775 Barree Bedford

James Wilson 1779 Barree, Bedford, Pennsylvania

James Wilson 1788 Barree Huntingdon

Property: 1798, 130 acres, distillery

Huntingdon Gazette, July 14, 1809
Married Monday last James Wilson of Sinking Valley to Mrs. Hammel of this borough.

James Wilson was in Little's Militia in 1788


John Wilson was born about 1769.

He married Jane Nevin.

John and Jane's children included:

Margaret Wilson (married Joseph Jackson)
William Wilson (drowned in the Juniata about 1800)
John Wilson (d. 1804)

They settled in Huntingdon County in 1776 on Herod's Run in a part of Barree Township that became Jackson Township.

On Herod's Run, so called for a hunter who had a camp on the present Oaks place, the first improvement was made by Joseph Jackson, who put up a sawmill about 1806.

During the revolution, he served in Capt. McAlevy's company.

A John Wilson was in Little's militia. in 1788.

John Wilson 1788 Barree Huntingdon

John died in 1812 and Jane died in 1820.


The Jackson homestead was settled by John Wilson in 1776. At that time he had a wife, Jane Nevin, and two children. The daughter Margaret married Joseph Jackson, and the son William was drowned in the Juniata about 1800, while attempting to cross that stream near Cryder's Mills.

John Wilson died in 1812, and his wife in 1820. In the Revolution he served in Capt. McAlevy's company, his family being meanwhile at Reedsville, where the settlers of the upper part of Standing Stone Valley found protection from Indian attacks. [John and Jane's son, John born in 1804 died at the Alamo.]


David Wilson d. 1792 married Margaret,

Elizabeth Wilson Davidson Sampel m. John Davidson c. 1780
George Wilson
James Wilson
Robert Wilson

David Wilson 1773 Fairfield, Bedford

David ? Wilson 1774 Barree, Bedford
David Wilson 1788 Franklin, Huntingdon

David Wilson was in Little's militia in 1788.

Joshua Wilson executor of will


David Wilson will 1813

wife Jean

Nancy McNatt 100 dollars

James Black and William Hirst executors

witnesses Samuel Barr, Isaac Campbell, and Thomas Mitchell



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