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Shaver Families
in Bedford/Huntingon Counties, Pennsylvania

  also spelled Scheaver, Shaffer, Schafer  

Hans Peter Shaver was born about 1708 in Germany

He was licensed as an Indian Trader in 1744 at Frederick Town, Maryland. He was employed by the Pennsylvania Colonial Council as scout and messenger in the Indian Services.

He wife was named Rhoda.

Rhoda and Peter's children included
John Shaver
Peter Shaver

Peter Schafer died in 1755,

Shaver's Creek was named for Peter.

a very early settler by the name of Shaver who lived near its mouth. There is a tradition that he was murdered one evening while he was putting his horse in the pasture-lot, and from the fact that he was beheaded, but not scalped, it was believed that the crime was perpetrated by a white man. It is said that the most liberal reward failed to secure the least clue by which the author of this cruel deed might become known. Shaver was buried on the right bank of the creek. . . (from History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania by J. Simpson Africa).

his widow married Samuel Anderson.

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania was established on September 20, 1787 as a large region of Central Pennsylvania. It was previously part of Bedford County and the earlier Cumberland Region.

Nicholas Shaver was born about 1727 in Virginia.

His wife was named Elizabeth.

Phebe Shaver (1756, married Casper Booher),
John Shaver (1762)
Jacob Shaver (1764, married Elizabeth),
Susannah Shaver (1765, married Peter Snyder),
Leonard Shaver (1766, married Rachel Ricketts),
Catharine Shaver (1767, married Joseph Cochenour),
Angel Shaver (1769, married Philip Ripple),
Samuel Shaver (1771).


Huntingdon Gazette, March 1, 1810 
Died in Shirley township the 18th Nicholas Shaver in his 83rd year.




Peter Shaver

His wife was named Catherine

Peter Shaver (1805),
Samuel Shaver (1797),
Elizabeth Shaver (marred Oyer),
Dorothy Shaver (married Sharrer)
John Shaver, and
Margaret Shaver.


When the Revolutionary War started Peter returned to Shirley Twp. and bough his farm in Hill Valley.

Peter died in 1821.


John Shaver

Huntingdon Gazette, June 30, 1809
Died, Mrs. Shaver, consort of John Shaver Jr of Raystown branch.








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