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The Thomas Cole Family of Baltimore County, Maryland

  also spelled Coal, Coale  
The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Thomas Cole was born about 1690 in Maryland. His parents are not known. He may have been John Cole's son, but was not mentioned in his will.

Christopher Cole (1717, married Sarah Tipton),
Thomas Cole (1718, married Elizabeth Merryman and Sarah Price),
Johanna Cole (1720),
Sarah Cole (1722),
Broad Cole (1724, married Athaliah Dimmitt),
Abraham Cole (1728),
Mary Cole (1730), and
Elizabeth Cole (1734).

He is not the Thomas Cole who died in 1745 who left his estate to his children, William and Sarah.






Coale, Thomas
Baltimore County
25 Apr, 1745
22 May, 1745
To son William Coale, 420 A. Bonds Last Shift
To dau Sarah Coale, and in case she dies before age 21, leaving no issue, then to my nephew, Acquila Massey [Aquilla Massey was married to Sarah Cole the daughter of William Cole and Elizabeth Sparrow]
To nephew, John Collier Massey and my dau Sarah 10 slaves
To son William, dau Sarah, nephew Aquila Massey, the still with all its appurtenances.
To nephew Jonathan Collier Massey, furniture.
I assign my brother-in-law Samuel Richardson ex. and guardian of my child, with power to remove them into the county where he resides.

Thomas Coal
95.134 AA £176.18.9
Jun 23 1766 Aug 12 1767
of Baltimore County
Appraisers: Joseph Taylor, Oliver Cromwell.
Creditors: J. Ridgley
Next of kin: William Coale, Samuel Coale.
Administrator: Thomas Stoddert.

Thomas Coale
5.79 D BA £176.18.9 Apr 23 1768
Sureties: Samuel Coale, William Cole.
Distribution to: Widow (unnamed, 1/3).
Residue to 2 children (unnamed, equally).
Administrator: Thomas Stockett.
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