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The John Cole Family

  also spelled Coal, Coale  

John Cole was born about 1669. His parents are not known for sure.

He married Johanna Garrett about 1688. She was the daughter of Dennis Garrett and Barbara Stone.

John and Johanna's children may have included:

Joseph Cole (1690, married Susannah Darwell),
John Cole (1689, married Mary Chaffinch),
William Cole (1691, married Mary Giles),
Dennis Garrett Cole (1693, married Rachel Price), and
Elizabeth Cole (1695, John Ensor)
Sarah Cole, (1697, married Charles Gorsuch)
Thomas Cole (1690, married Sarah Massey and Sarah Broad)

In 1691 John, and other family members, witnessed his father-in-law, Dennis Garrett, being murdered Captain John Oldton. Oldton was convicted and sentenced to hang, but was pardoned by the King.  

The jurors . . . doe present John Oldton the 31st of July 1691 at Baltemore County . . . with force and armes in and upon the body of one Dennis Garrett then and there . . . an assault did make and him the said Dennis with one sword of the value of twenty shillings being the proper sword of the said John Ouldton upon the forehead of the said Dennis one blow did give of which said blow the said Dennis immediately from the 30th day of July aforesaid till the 2nd day of September did languish on which 2nd day of September in the year and at the place aforesaid the said Dennis Garrett of the said blow did dye.

The witnesses were: Philip Roper, Nicholas Hale, John Cole (son-in-law of the deceased), Thomas Stone, Abraham Vaughan and Barbara Garrett (the widow).

Oldton was condemned to be hanged; but "afterwards the said John Oulton was graciously pardoned by their Majesties pardon in usuall forme.

John died about 1746.




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