An American Family History

The Cole Family

  also spelled Coal  
The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Broad Cole, Sr., was born on August 12, 1724 in Baltimore County, Maryland. His parents were Thomas Cole and Sarah Broad.

He married Athaliah Dimmitt about 1754 in Baltimore County. She was probably born on February 21, 1738 in Baltimore County. Her parents were James Dimmitt and Barbara Broad.

Broad and Athaliah's children may have included:

Broad Cole, Jr. (1754, married Elizabeth),
Thomas Cole (1757, married Elizabeth Stevens),
Joshua Cole (may have married Ann Lee),
Dimmitt Cole (married Martha German), and
Elizabeth Cole (married Adam Krasher).

In 1783 Broad was in the 1783 assessment of Baltimore County, Maryland.

Athaliah died before 1790 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Broad died before 1800 in Huntingdon County.

Joshua Cole was a corporal in the 1813 militia.

Baltimore County, Maryland was founded in 1659 and included most of northeastern Maryland. The original county included parts of Cecil, Frederick, Harford, Carroll, and Baltimore Counties.

Bedford County, Pennsylvania was created on March 9, 1771 from part of Cumberland County.

Broad Cole, Jr. was born about 1754.

His wife was named Elizabeth.

Shadrach Cole (1778, married Mary Mathena),
Sarah Cole (1783, married William P Wisely),
John Cole (married Elizabeth),
Nancy Cole,
Joshua Cole (1789, married Susannah Ranier),
Mary (Polly) Cole, (1790, married Richard Byrely),
Eleanor Cole (1794, married Basil Burton)

Between 1778 and 1783, Broad was one of the men from Bedford County, Pennsylvania who served as a Ranger on the Continental Line in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

In 1788, Broad was a member of Captain John Gelbreath's company of the Huntingdon County militia.

From 1782 t0 1792 he was taxed in Shirley Township.

In 1793 and 1795, he was on tax lists in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

In April, 1805, Broad purchased land in what became Madison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio.

His estate was administered in Pickaway County in 1831 or 1832.

The American Revolution was ended in 1783 when the Treaty of Paris was signed.

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania was established on September 20, 1787 as a large region of Central Pennsylvania. It was previously part of Bedford County and the earlier Cumberland Region.

Thomas Cole was born in 1757.

He married Elizabeth Stephens about 1777.

Shadrack Cole (1778),
Mary Cole Swope (1779, married David Swope),
Abraham Cole (1781, married Verlinda Williams),
Joshua Cole (1783, married Margaret Long),
Sarah Cole (1786 married Simon Barnhart
Nancy Cole (1787),
Elizabeth Cole (1789, married David Barnhart),
Rachel Cole (1791, married William Long)
Athalia Cole (1794, married Thomas Cole),
Thomas Cole (1797)
Ann Cole, (1799, married Stephen Cole).
Broad Cole (1802, married Leah Peters)
Rebecca Cole (1805, married Samuel Selby)

Thomas was a soldier in the War of 1812.

Thomas Cole sold his farm in Huntingdon County on May 12, 1801 and his son-in-law, David Swope, sold his on May 16, 1801. After that they moved to Fairfield County, Ohio.

Mary's daughter Margaret Swope, wrote:

My memory of Great Grandfather Cole is that he was a small man. At meals he always sat at or near the head of the table with the sugar bowl handy with which little visitors were kindly remembered...

Elizabeth died in 1831.

Thomas died about 1840.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.


Stephen Cole was born on November 16, 1767 in Baltimore County, Maryland.

He married Rachel Gorsuch. Rachel was born in 1770. Her parents were Charles Gorsuch and Eleanor Bond.

Salathier Cole
Charles Cole
Thomas Cole (1796, married Athalia Cole)
Eleanor Cole,
Stephen Cole (1795, married Ann Cole),
Micajah Cole (1801)

Stephen's second wife was, Rachel's sister, Elizabeth Gorsuch.
Eliza Cole (1810, married James Johnson),
Mary Ann (Polly) Cole (1805, married Daniel Miller),
Abraham Cole
Jehu Cole (1808)
Richard Cole
Charles Cole
Wesley Cole
Elijah Cole

Stephen died in 1826 in Amanda Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.






American pioneers migrated west to settle areas not previously inhabited by European Americans.

from Pioneer Period and Pioneer people of Fairfield County, Ohio

Thomas Cole, and a brother Broad Cole, came to Fairfield County in the year 1801, and settled in Amanda Township. They came from Huntington County, Penn.

Broad Cole was a Methodist, and Bishop Asbury, on his first journey to Ohio in 1803, preached at his cabin in the afternoon of a week day.

Mr. Broad Cole did not remain many years in this county, but moved to Pickaway County, where he died and was buried.

His son Shadrick [Cole] was a man of some prommence and was a Methodist preacher of local reputation. A son of Shadrick Cole moved to Nebraska.

Thomas Cole, born March 15, 1757, was one of the prominent early citizens of Amanda Township, and he lived there during his life.

His son Broad Cole married a daughter of Samuel Peters and lived and died upon the farm now owned by Felix Swope. His son Thomas Cole of Amanda Township is one of the intelligent and worthy men of the township and an old school Baptist preacher of more than local reputation.

In one instance a public-spirited citizen, father of Broad Cole, built a school house and employed Abraham Cole to teach the school at eight dollars per month and invited his neighbors to send their children and pay pro rata share or not, as they chose or were able.


Fairfield County, Ohio originally encompassed all or parts of present day Knox, Hocking, Licking, Perry, and Pickaway counties.

from Portrait and Biographical Album of McLean County, Ill, Volume 1, Brookhaven Press

The parents... were Thomas and Elizabeth (Stevens) Cole, the father born in Huntingdon County, Pa., March 15, 1757, and the mother in May, 1759. Thomas Cole was a soldier of the War of 1812. In early life he removed with his parents to Ohio, they being among the early settlers of that State, locating there in 1800, when it was peopled chiefly by Indians. He built a log cabin in the wilderness, and in due time became the proprietor of an extensive and valuable farm, which he had, by his own industry, eliminated from the forest.

The family of Thomas and Elizabeth Cole included seven daughters and four sons, of whom all lived to years of maturity. The father passed the remainder of‘ his days upon the homestead which he had established in the wilds of Ohio, and died Aug. 20, 1840, nine years after the death of his faithful partner, who had died Sept. 27, 1831.


Settlers often built log cabins as their first homes.


from A Biographical Record of Fairfield County, Ohio, Illustrated

Thomas Cole, was born in Pennsylvania in 1757 and was united in marriage to Elizabeth Stevens.

It was in the year 1801 that he emigrated westward, leaving the Keystone state in order to make a home upon the wild western frontier of Ohio. He took up his abode in what is now Amanda township, Fairfield county, where he purchased a section of land, upon which not a furrow had been turned or an improvement made. The hardships and trials of a pioneer life were borne by himself and family, but as the years progressed he was enabled to supply his home with all of the comforts and conveniences known to the older east. He erected a hewed-log house, and although it was not very commodious and its furnishings were primitive, happiness reigned there and the family bravely took their part in the work of development and improvement, their labors being crowned with success.

...[He] died in 1840.

He served his country as a member of a scouting party in the Revolutionary war. but was not in the regular army. After the organization of the parties of the Republic he became a Whig, and in religious faith he was an old school Baptist.

His wife died in 1831 when about seventy-one years of age.