An American Family History

1806 Amanda Township
Fairfield County, Ohio

Fairfield County, Ohio
Allen, Frederick      
Allen, Lemuel      
Allen, Silas 1754 - 1825   doctor from Vermont, came with a group of 40 people
Allen, Whiting      
Barnhart, Jacob      
Barr, Andrew      
Barr, John      
Barr, Samuel      
Barr, Thomas      
Barr, William      
Baurer, Valentine      
Beal, James      
Booker, James      
Brian, John      
Brian, Mary      
Brian, William      
Brothers, Francis      
Brown, T.      
Brown, William (2)      
Burhart, William      
Burnap, Abner      
Bull, B.      
Cain, Daniel      
Caton, Benjamin      
Childcold, John      
Childcold, Mordecai      
Clark, Neal      
Clayton, John      
Cole, Broad      
Cole, Dimmitt      
Cole, Joshua      
Cole, Shadrick      
Collins, Timothy      
Eagle, Thomas      
Eagle, William      
Earman, Frederick      
Erington, Ebenezer      
Frettle, Lewis      
Gallagher, Thomas      
Gardner, Jacob      
Good, Peter      
Gossage, John      
Hardister, Joseph      
Hayes, Mary      
Herrod, John      
Highlands, Joseph      
Hooker, Richard      
Howe, David      
Howe, James      
Hoover, John      
Huffer, Isaac      
Isles, Isaac      
Ignman, Luke b. 1772   in Frederick, Maryland
Jones, Benjamin      
Kester, David      
Kester, George      
Kester, Jacob      
Lane, Jesse      
Lane, John b. 1781   Pennsylvania, s. Wilkinson
Lane, William      
Leathers, Frederick      
Linebaugh, George      
Long, James      
Long, William      
McLane, Robert      
Mackeral, Benjamin      
Metcalf, Vachae      
Morris, James      
Murry, William      
Nigh, George      
Oram, Thomas      
Owens, John      
Pavey, Samuel      
Pilcher, Frederick      
Rica, Abraham      
Russel, Thomas      
Searles, John      
Shelby, George      
Shelby, Thomas Jr.      
Shadden Jacob      
Stevens, William      
Swope, David      
Torance, John      
Whiteman, Christ      
Williams, John      
Williams, Thomas      
Willets, Jesse      
Wollet, Phillip      







Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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