An American Family History

John Little's Company
Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania 1788

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania was established on September 20, 1787 as a large region of Central Pennsylvania. It was previously part of Bedford County and the earlier Cumberland Region.
Anderson, James      
Armstrong, James      
Armstrong, Thomas        
Bell, Arthur      
Bell, Thomas      
Bogs, Andrew      
Brown, Michal      
Brown, Moses      
Carswell, Walter      
Cheney, Edward      
Cheney, Isiah      
Collins, Jacob      
Conner, Henry      
Conner, James      
Conner, John      
Corswell, Robert      
Cotton, John      
Crawfeus, Nicholas      
Crawfus, John      
Creass, Joseph      
Cree, John        
Dearmott, James      
Dickey, John      
Ewing, James      
Ewing, John ensign    
Ewing, Samuel      
Ewing, William      
Fereys, Moses      
Ferguson, John      
Ferguson, Moses      
Ferguson, Thomas      
Frog, John      
Gallaher, George      
Gallaher, Thomas      
Glen, Andrew      
Glen, Archibald      
Glen, James      
Glen, John      
Glen, Robert      
Gordan, David      
Gray, Thomas      
Gray, George      
Green, Clement     son of George Green
Heney, James      
Huston, William      
Jenkins, William      
Johnston, William      
Karr, John      
Kenedy, John      
Lenard, Robert      
Lisle, John      
Little, John captain    
Logue, John      
Long, John      
Long, Thomas      
Long, William, Jr.      
Mahan, William, Jr.       
McAleise, Daniel        
McAlevy, William, Sr.      
McAlheany, John      
McAlheany, William      
McCarty, Bartholamey        
McClelan, John      
McCormic, Samuel      
McGennes, John      
McMaghen, Benjamin      
McNamar, John      
Miller, Richard        
Mitchel, Samuel      
Nelson, Abraham, Jr.       
Nelson, William      
Nilson, William      
Oburn, Joseph Jr.      
Oburn, Daniel      
Porter, William Jr.       
Porter, James      
Porter, Samuel      
Ralston, John      
Ricketts, Edward lieutenant    
Ricketts, Jeremiah      
Ricketts, John      
Ricketts, Reason      
Riddle, Robert      
Rieley, Barnabus      
Robinson, John      
Seaburn, David      
Seaburn, Peter      
Sinkey, Richard      
Smith, John        
Smith, Robert Sr.      
Stoops, William      
Swing, John      
Thompson, David      
Turner, Josiah      
Wason, Robert      
Williamson, Joshua      
Wilson, George      
Wilson, John      
Wilson, John Jr.      
Wilson, Joshua        
Wilson, James      
Wilson, David      
Young,  John      











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