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Ida Levine Sukofsky

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists."
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Vilna in Lithuanian and Yiddish, Vilnius in Polish, Wilno in Russian
Vilna is the capital city of Lithuania. It was part of Poland and Poland was part of the Russian empire. In 1861 a restriction limiting Jewish residence to certain streets was repealed. In 1881 there were anti-Jewish riots. The 1897 census showed 63,831 Jewish inhabitants. Congested conditions and increasing unemployment led to large-scale emigration.

Ida Levine Sukofsky was born about 1882 in Vilna. Her parents were Mendel and Riva Levine.

She married Frank (Franzischek) Sukofsky (Sachs). Frank was born on April 15, 1882 in Vilna. Frank left Hamburg on April 29, 1906 on the Graf Waldersee. He was traveling by himself. The ship manifest indicated that he could not read or write and that his residence was Suwalki. He was traving to Webster, Massachusetts. He had $16 and paid for his ticket himself.

Louis Sukofsky was born about 1906. Rose Sukofsky Schwaitz was born about 1910. According to her granddaughter, Ida encouraged her children to be in the entertainment business so they could dress in fancy clothes and make people happy. Rosie became a singer and Louie a musician.

In 1910, the family was in Brooklyn. Both Frank and Ida were 28, Louis was 4, and Rose was 9 months.

At the time of the 1930 census, the household was in Brooklyn. Frank was a tailor.

In 1940 they lived at 320 Legion Street and owned their home. Frank made coats and they lived with their daughter Rose and her husband, Morris..

Frank died on January 6, 1947 in Brooklyn.

Ida died on January 24, 1958 when she was 75 years old in Brooklyn. Her daughter, Rose, died on February 3, 1958.



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