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Catharina Elizabeth Kenoyer Clouse

Kenoyer is also spelled Canarryer, Gnärr, Gnaer, Kanayer, Kenoyer, Knaer Knayer, Knawyer, Kneier, Kneir, Kneoyder, Kneyor, Kneuger, Kneuyer, Knoyer, Knier, Knyer
  Clouse also spelled Clous, Clauss, Claus, Klaus, Kluas  
American colonists continued to use British monetary units, namely the pound, shilling and pence for which 1 (or li) equalled 20s and 1s equalled 12d. In 1792 the dollar was established as the basic unit of currency.
The Palatinate is a region in south-western Germany. Many thousands of Palatine immigrants were driven out of Germany by war, famine, despotic rule and disease. They were attracted to Pennsylvania by the first settlers who sent back favorable reports.
Pennsylvania German families took an active role in the American Revolution in Northampton County.

John Adams, Jr. (1735-1826) was the second President of the United States (17971801), the first Vice President (17891797).

Catharine Elizabeth Kenoyer Clouse was born about 1761 in Pennsylvania. Her parents were Leonard and Barbara Kenoyer. She was baptized in June, 1762 by traveling minister, Reverend Jacob Lischy. Her sponsors were Frederich and Catharina Röhmer.

Catharine married John Clouse. He was the son of Philip Clouse and Elizabeth Brede. John was born on April 20, 1756 in Amsterdam, Holland.

John Clouse
John Clouse

In 1781 he was on the tax roll of Codorus Township. He was taxed £2.5.0 as a single man.

John served in the York County, Pennsylvania militia in 1781.The militia was at Camp Security, where British prisoners were held. He was listed on Captain Peter Ford’s payroll from July 8 to September 8, 1781. He also served under Captain William Dodd from October 5 to December 5, 1781.

In 1782 he was on the tax roll of Codorus Township. He was taxed £3 as a single man.

In 1782 a (John Clous) served under Captain George Nolf in the 2nd Militia of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, Class 7th Battalion.

Catharine and John's children included:
Mary (Polly) Clouse Kitzmiller (1784, married William Kitsmiller),
Jacob Clouse (1785- 1851),
John Clouse (1790-1855),
Katherine Clouse ((1794),
Leonard Clouse (1795),
Christena Clouse Headley (1797-1863, married Samuel Headley),
Elizabeth Clouse Sharp (1800-1844),
George Clouse (1801),
Isabel Clouse Scholl (1830, married Soloman Scholl), and
Sally Clouse Colheirt (married William Colheirt).

John Clouse appeared in the 1800 census of Fort Frederick Hundred, Washington County, Maryland. The household consisted of:

a man over 45-John age 44
a woman 26 through 45-Catherine age 39
2 boys and 3 girls between 10 and 15-Polly age 16, Jacob age 15, John age 10,
A boy and three girls under 10- Katherine age 6, Leonard age 5, Christena age 3, Elizabeth age 1

Next they moved to Fairfield County, Ohio. March 20, 1807, Polly Clouse married William Kittsmiller in Fairfield County.

The family moved on to Plain Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

On January 25, 1812 in a deed between William Kittsmiller and Jacob Clouse, William pledged

all my carpenter tools and one young stear and one heiffer and one bed and furniture with one chest and one table

as security for $33.50  and other moneys owed.

On January 17, 1814, Jacob bought a quarter section in Franklin County on behalf of his father, John.

On August 2, 1814, Sally Clouse married William Colheirt in Plain Township.

John died on December 26, 1822 in Plain Township, Franklin County, Ohio. He was buried in Smith/Burnside Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio

She died on September 19, 1842.

She was buried at the old Kitzmiller homestead (now Rocky Fork Hunt Club) on Clark State Road,  Jefferson Township, Franklin County.

Fairfield County, Ohio

Children of Leonard Kneyer
and Anna Barbara Buck

  • Barbara Kenoyer Kessler
  • Johann Ulrich Kenoyer
  • Leonard Kenoyer
  • Catharina Elizabeth Kenoyer Clouse
  • Frederick Kenoyer
  • Christian Kenoyer
  • Anna Maria Kenoyer
  • An indenture is a legal contract for labor or land. Two copies on the same sheet were separated with a jagged edge so that the two parts could be refitted to confirm authenticity. An indentured servant worked without wages for a specified time to pay a debt and was bound to the employer. In the 17th century, nearly two-thirds of settlers came as indentured servants to pay for their passage.

    York County is in south central Pennsylvania and was created on August 19, 1749 from part of Lancaster County.

    Fairfield County is in central Ohio. The county seat is Lancaster.
    A militia is a military unit composed of citizens who are called up in time of need.

    In the War of 1812 (1812-1815) the United States declared war on England because of trade restrictions, impressment, and British support for Indian attacks. They signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 after reaching a stalemate.



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