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John Lenon, Sr. was born on July 15, 1784 in Pennsylvania. He was the son of Roger Lenon and Annely Knoop.

He married Elizabeth Fox on May 10, 1810 in Ohio. Elizabeth was born in Germany and had been married before to a man named Kiser.

James R. Lenon (1811),
Daniel H. Lenon (1813, married Martha Cline),
Lewis Lenon (1814, married Mary Crockett),
Anna Lenon (1816, married Abner Shanks),
George W. Lenon (1818, married Luretta Cline),
Henry Lenon (1820),
John D. Lenon, Jr. (1821, married Rebecca Yerkes),
Elizabeth Lenon (1823, married John Martin),
Mary Lenon (1825, died young),
Joseph Lenon (1825, died young),
Susan Lenon (1827, married James Cline),
Samuel Lenon (1829, married Margaret A. Martin),
Robert S. Lenon (1830, married Sarah Jane Caldwell),
Levi Lenon (1833, married Lucy Wright), and
Louisa Lenon (1836).

The family moved from Ohio to Carroll County, Indiana, in October, 1829.

John and Elizabeth were among the founding members of the Paint Creek Baptist Church.

John Sr., died on November 30, 1843 and Elizabeth died on September 30, 1848.



Anna Shanks
Anna and Abner Shanks


Robert Lenon was born about 1830.

He married to Sarah Jane Caldwell.

Mary Frances Lenon (1861, married William Henry Yerkes),
Elizabeth J. Lenon (1861, married David Newton Yerkes)

Mrs. Monroe Martin,

Mrs. Z. L. Truesdale.
Mrs. Howard Heiland
Mrs. Art Shanks
Belle and
Levi Lenon

Robert died on December 18, 1908.




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History of Carroll County, Indiana, 1916 B. F. Bowne & Co, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana

John Lenon, Sr., with his wife and thirteen children, came from Ohio to Carroll county, Indiana, in October, 1829, and located on a farm east of Camden. John Lenon, Sr., died on November 30, 1843, leaving his wife and the following named children surviving:

James B.,
David H.,
George W.,
Robert S.,
Levi and

Henry Lenon died in boyhood, December 5, 1845.

Elizabeth, wife of John Lenon, Sr., died on September 30, 1848. Anna (Lenon) Shanks and James R. Lenon died since the year 1848. Susan, wife of James Cline, died since the year 1854. Lewis Lenon died on August 4, 1888. John Lenon, Jr., died on July 24, 1905. Levi Lenon died,on January 24, 1913. Robert S. Lenon died on December 18, 1911. Elizabeth, wife of John Martin, died in Nebraska in 1911. George W. Lenon died on August 3 1900. Louisa Lenon died since 1857. Samuel Lenon is the only surviving member of the family and is now in his eighty-seventh year.

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from The Cline Book by Ellen Brzoska 

"History of the Lenon Family" by Daniel H. Lenon copied by Charles C. Martin

My Grandfather [Roger Lenon] on his father's side was half blood Irish and Grandmother was full blood German. They were both born in Pennsylvania, from my best recollection they lived near Harrisburg on the Susquehanna River, where they were married and most of their children were born there, if not all of them, and I am of the opinion that my Grandfather died there.

The family consisted of six boys and three girls, to wit:
John [Lenon, Sr.] (my father),
Michael &

The girls names were
Katherine, and

Anna married a man by the name of Carver. Katherine married a Blue (Dan Blue's father) and Mary married a man by the name of Dye. These marriages all took place after they came to Ohio.

I can't tell how long after Grandfather's death before they came to Miami Co., Ohio but it was before any of the family were married.

Sometime after they came to Ohio my Grandmother married a man by the name of Lesner, but did not live with him long, when she left him and would never acknowledge the name, but claimed the name of Lenon as long as she lived.

She lived with my father and mother until the fall of 1829 when my father sold out and moved to Carroll Co., Indiana.

She then went to live with some of the other children, but in the spring of 1831 she died, on the 17th day of Mch. in her 60th year.

My Grandmother on my mother's side was from Germany where she was born and raised and married to a man named Fox, my mother [Elizabeth Fox] being the only offspring of that marriage.

When he died, my Grandmother left Germany and came to America when my mother was only about two years old. I have heard my Mother often say that when she came to this country she could not understand a word of our language, but soon learned it and entirely lost the German language. I recollect very well of often seeing my Grandmother reading in her German bible. She soon learned to talk the English Language but never learned to read it.

I don't know how long she had been here before she married again, but she married a man by the name of Kiser by whom she had four children, three boys and one girl.

The boys' names were
Samuel and

The girl's name was Susan. She married a man by the name of Henry Deam.

My impression is that they lived in Montgomery Co., Ohio, near Dayton, (where Grandfather Kiser died and where my father and mother were married.

They were married May 10th 1810, and settled in Miami Co., Ohio and lived there until 1829 when they sold out and moved to Carroll Co., Indiana.)

She (Grandmother) then went to live with some of the other children. She died Feb. 15th 1831 at an age unknown, so you will see both of my Grandmothers died in the spring of 1831.

My father Lenon (John), was born July 15th 1784 and died Nov. 30th 1843.

My Mother in Dec. 1790, and died Sept. 30th 1843.

John Lenon (my Father) was married to Elizabeth Fox May 10th 1810.


from The Hoosier Democrat, Flora, Indiana: Saturday March 14, 1914: Front Page

John T. Lenon, an aged and respected citizen of Camden, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. O. M. Wyatt, of that place, last Friday, from decay of the blood, after an illness of long duration, the past two months being confined to his bed. The funeral was held Sunday at 22 o'clock at the Baptist church, by Rev. Ehle, the pastor. Interment was made in the Paint Creek cemetery, east of Camden.

Mr. Lenon was a son of Daniel [1813] and Martha [Cline] Lenon, pioneers of Jackson township. He was born in the Paint Creek vicinity February 6, 1839. His early life was about like all country boys of those early days and consisted of hard work in clearing up the forest and bringing it into its present high state of civilization.

On September 5th, 1861, he was united in marriage to Elizabeth Earnst.To them four children were born. The wife and mother died in 1878. Mr. Lenon maintained his home and the daughters were his housekeepers. He so cherished the memory of his lost love that he never remarried.

The family of children married off one at a time, until about 12 years ago the last one left the old home by the marriage route. Mr. Lenon reluctantly gave up his home which had been dear to him for so many years, and went to make his home with a daughter, Mrs. O. M. Wyatt. He had been in very poor health for many years and death gained no victory when he passed peacefully to his rest. He had been a very active church worker in his church (the Baptist) up to the time of his failing health. He was also one of the active Democrats of the old school in his township and county during his younger days. He served as deputy treasurer for several years back in the 80's.

He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Laura Sterlig, Mrs. Frank Porter and Mrs. O. M. Wyatt of Camden, and one son, Charley, of Frankfort; also one brother, Robert R., of Camden, and three sisters, Mrs. Nancy Hance of Lafayette, Mrs. Samuel Heiland of Delphi, and Mrs. Loretta Nipple of Indianapolis


from Logansport Pharos Tribune, 23 June 1916

Samuel Lenon [1829] 87 years old , died suddenly at his home in Camden Wednesday night. Deceased was born in Ohio and when six years of age he came with his parents to Camden and lived there ever since. For many years he was proprietor of the leading hotel in Camden. He is servived by four daugthers; Mrs Frank Porter of Logansport; Mrs Clara Lenon with whom the deceased made his home. Mrs Jessie Storgeon, Oakland California; Mrs Belle Drake of Frankfort, Indiana and one son Samuel G. Lenon of Lentz Ore. Mr Lenon is the last member of a family of 15 children.


Robert Lenon [1830] an old and respected resident of Carroll County died at his home near Camden last Monday evening. He was taken sick the previous evening Thursday. He was 81 years old and was born and had lived all his life on the farm where had died. There were seven sons in his father's family all whom lived to be old men. He is survived by two brothers , Samuel age 82 and Levi age 79 and one sister Mrs. Cline age 85. His wife proceeded him to the grave 4 years ago. Of the immediate family six daugthers survive. The Funeral will be held tomorrow (Thursday) morning from the Paint Creek church. The deceased had been a well high constant reader of the Pharos since its establishment in 1841. He was known as a man of high character and was regarded a model citizen 
from History of Carroll County, Indiana: Its People, Industries and Institutions by John Curtis Odell

Robert S. Lenon died at his home in Camden Monday evening, December 18, 1908, and the announcement of his death created a deep and wide-spread sorrow, for he had a large acquaintance and everyone who knew him mourned his death. He was born in Jackson township in July, 1830, and. with the exception of a few years spent in Cass County, he has lived continuously in this county.

In 1857 Robert S. Lenon was married to Sarah Jane Caldwell, and to them ten daughters were born, eight of whom survived. They are: Mrs. Monroe Martin, Mrs. William Yerkes, Mrs. Newton Yerkes, Mrs. Z. L. Truesdale. Mrs. Howard Heiland. all of Camden: Mrs. Art Shanks, near Deer Creek; and Belle and Margaret, at home; two brothers. Samuel and Levi, also survived him.

In all his life nothing but good was spoken of Robert Lenon, and now that he is dead nothing but good will ever be remembered of him. Funeral services were held from the Paint Creek church, the services being in charge of Rev. J. R. Wilson, of Indianapolis, and W. H. Oliphant. of Crawfordsville. Interment was made in the ajoining cemetery.


From History of Carroll County, Indiana

Levi Lenon [1833] was the son of John Lenon, and was born one-half mile east of what is now known as the Neible farm, on February 12, 1833. Levi, was married to Lucy Wright, who lived on the adjoining farm east, and for two years the young husband lived with his wife's people. He then purchased the present property, where he lived for fifty-two years. He was a Democrat in politics, in which party he was quite active, but never held public office. He was one of the most highly respected men of the township. John Lenon was the father of fifteen children, of whom Levi was the youngest boy. One of these, Samuel, still survives and lives in Camden, having reached the eighty-sixth mileston of his life.

Levi and Lucy Lenon became the parents of eight children, five of whom are living. These are, Matthew M., of Camden' Charles E.;, J.O., of Lafayette; Mary, the widow of Frank Trivett, of Camden, and S.J., of Culver, Indiana. Those who have passed away are Cordelia, who died at the age of eighteen; Willie, who died in infancy, and Franklin A., who died when a lad of sixteen.

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