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George Haworth

It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.

George Haworth was born about 1680 in England. He was the son of James and Isabella Haworth. His siblings may have included.

Mary Haworth (1717, married John Miers),
Absalom Haworth (1716)
John Haworth (1717)
James Haworth (1719)
George Haworth (1724)
Alice Haworth (married John Kenworthy)
Susannah Haworth
Sarah Haworth
Isaac Haworth

His father died in 1684.

He arrived in America in 1699 on the ship Brittania. He had traveled with his sister, Alice and her family who all died at sea.

George was a linen weaver and a farmer. He described his early years in America in a series of letters to his family.

He married Sarah Scarborough on September 28, 1710 at Buckingham, Pennsylvania.

Whereas George Haworth of ye Township of Makefield in ye County of Bucks & Province of Pennsylvania, Weaver, and Sarah Scarborough, daughter of John Scarborough of ye township Solebury in ye county and province aforesaid, spinster, having intentions of taking each other in marriage did publish ye same before several monthly meetings of ye people called Quakers in ye county aforesaid according to ye good order used amongst ye, whose proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration thereof & having consent of relations and parties concerned nothing appearing to obstruct were approved of by ye at meetings.

Stephanus Haworth (1712, married Rachel Beeson),
Rachel Haworth (1715),
Absalom Haworth (1716),
John Haworth (1717),
James Haworth (1719, married Sarah Wood),
Mary Haworth (1720/21),
Martha Haworth (1724), and
George Haworth (1722).

After their marriage, they lived in Upper Buckingham Township in a cabin on Burn Brindle Hill near John Scarborough's house.

Later they lived near Lahaska, Solebury Township, Bucks County.

They were members of the Falls Monthly Meeting and charter members of the Buckingham Monthly Meeting.

Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.



from Birth of American Frontier Culture: English, Welsh, and Scot

Other settlers soon added their tracks to [Morgan] Bryan's, and the French War added impetus to the southern migration. But many Quakers in the lower valley clung to their increasingly dangerous patches of ground.

In 1739 brothers James and Absalom Haworth (pronounced Hayworth), from Bucks County, Pa., moved to Green Springs Run between Hunting Ridge and North Mountain. On the eve of war James Haworth bought one hundred eighty-three acres from Isaac and moved to Isaac's Creek.


from Hopewell Friends History, 1734-1934, Frederick County, Virginia by Hopewell Friends, John Walter Wayland

Neighbors of Robert Scarborough on Smith Creek were the Haworth brothers, A Absalom, Stephanus, and James. Their mother was Sarah Scarborough, sister to Robert. The survey book of John Bayless gives the location of the lands of Scarborough and the Haworths on Smith Creek.

With the Haworths to Smith Creek came their brother John Haworth, though he did not remain their permanently. This John Haworth was an ancestor of Herbert Clark Hoover 31st President of the United States...

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