An American Family History

The Oxley, Everett and Clare Families

Ancestors of Elizabeth Oxley Ricketts

Elizabeth Oxley Ricketts was born in 1795 in Kentucky. Her great grandparents Henry Oxley and Mary Everett, settled in Hopewell, New Jersey early in the 18th century. They were Baptists and members of the Hopewell Baptist Church. The Oxleys eventually moved to Virginia where they were members of the Ketoctin Baptist Church.

The Oxley family was pretty wild. Two of Henry's daughters, Rachel Oxley, and Hannah Oxley Stephens, had several illegitimate children. Celia Oxley McDowell divorced and her children became involved in a dispute about the outlaw, Logan Belt's pardon. Prior Oxley's children were entangled in the Rowan County War.

Brittain Clare 1670  
Richard Everett  

Richard Everett and Elizabeth Clare 1690

Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau) County, New York


Henry Oxley and Mary Everett 1722

Hopewell, Mercer (formerly Hunterdon) County, New Jersey
Loudoun County, Virginia

Oxley Stone
Henry Oxley's Tombstone

Henry and Joannah Oxley before 1766

Loudoun County, Virginia
Fleming County, Kentucky


Eli and Margaret Oxley 1793

Fleming County, Kentucky

The Rowan County War

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