An American Family History

The Douglas, Land, and Heard Families

Ancestors of Mary Douglas

Mary Douglas Wilson was born in 1718 in Charles County, Maryland. Her ancestors were Roman Catholics from Charles County, Maryland. They were land-owners, slave owners and were members of the Maryland aristocracy of the time. Tobacco was both their crop and their currency.

Her parents, Captain Benjamin Douglas and Elizabeth Land, lived in Charles County, Maryland where they owned Blythswood Manor. Her father's parents, John Douglas and Catherine Heard, owned Cold Springs Manor. Her mother's parents were Richard Land and Penelope Theobald.

Mary's great grandparents on her father's side were John Douglas and Sarah Bonner and William Heard and Bridget Yowkins. John and Sarah owned considerable property in Charles County and Sarah had inherited Bowles Plantation from her first husband.

Clement and Catherine Theobald  

Clement and Mary Theobald
about 1655


Philip and Priscilla Land

Charles County, Maryland


Philip Land and Rebecca Wright 1660

Charles County, Maryland


The Bonner Family of Charles County Maryland


Husbands of Sarah Bonner:


John Douglas and Sarah Bonner 1663

Colonel John Douglas 1636


Charles County, Maryland


William Heard and Bridget Yowkins about 1665

William Heard
Bridget Yowkins

Charles County, Maryland



John Douglas and Catherine Heard about 1680

Charles County, Maryland


Richard Land and Penelope Theobald 1686

Charles County, Maryland


Captain Benjamin Douglas and Elizabeth Land 1707

Charles County, Maryland

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