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Richard Everett

Everett is also spelled Everetm Everette, Everit, and Everitt.

Richard Everett and Elizabeth Clare

  • Abraham Everett
  • Richard Everett
  • Mary Everett Oxley
  • George Everett
  • Hannah Everett van Gelder
  • Nicholas Everett
  • Richard Everett was born in 1695 in Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau) County, New York. His parents were Richard Everett and Elizabeth Clare.

    His uncle, John Clare, left him land on the south side of the highway in 1720.

    Eastern Long Island was settled at Southold by English Puritans on October 21, 1640. Western Long Island was Dutch. The Conklins and other related families owned the entire area in the 17th century. The Dutch granted an English settlement in Hempstead (now in Nassau) in 1644. In 1664, the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam became English and was renamed New York.

    Queens County, New York is on Long Island. Jamaica was called Rustdorp by the Dutch. It was originally settled by English settlers from neighboring Hempstead. Hempstead was founded in 1644 by emigrants led by Reverend Richard Denton. Jamaica and Hempstead are now in Nassau County.



    Two Centuries in the History of the Presbyterian Church, Jamaica by James Madison MacDonald

    Whereas at a publick town meeting at Jamaica in Queens County, the freeholders of the said town being duly called & did meet at the County Hall on friday the 21st day of aprill anno: 1738 it was then & there voted by the majority of the said freeholders that Increase Carpenter Just Henry Ludlum & Just Richard Everit should put the Revd Mr Walter Wilmot the present Presbyterian minester of the congregation of Jamaica above said in possession of the parsonage house homestead and all other the laud meadow tenements & hereditements there unto belonging , , ,

    A freeholder is the owner of a freehold estate which is an interest in land that is not fixed by a specified period of time, but which may last during the lifetime of a person.


    Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead, Long Island ..., Volume 4

    Aprill the10th 1758
    Wee the Inhabitants of Fosters Meadow Whose Names
    Are under Written Do Assent and Consent and Are Willing
    that Lentenant George Rierson And Isaac Hendrickson
    Should Stop up the Highway that Runs Between their
    Land from Fosters Meadow to the Great Plains Commonly
    Called Cow Laine Viz . . .Richard Everit.
    . .

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