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Hannah Everett Van Gelder

Everett is also spelled Everetm Everette, Everit, and Everitt.
Hunterdon County originally included all or parts of Mercer, Morris, Warren, and Sussex Counties.

Hannah Everett Van Gelder was born in 1702 in Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau) County, New York. Her parents were Richard Everett and Elizabeth Clare.

She married a man named Van Gelder.

She died about 1749 in Hunderdon, New Jersey. Her brother-in-law, Henry Oxley, was the administrator of her estate.

Queens County, New York is on Long Island. Jamaica was called Rustdorp by the Dutch. It was originally settled by English settlers from neighboring Hempstead. Hempstead was founded in 1644 by emigrants led by Reverend Richard Denton. Jamaica and Hempstead are now in Nassau County.

Richard Everett and Elizabeth Clare

  • Abraham Everett
  • Richard Everett
  • Mary Everett Oxley
  • George Everett
  • Hannah Everett van Gelder
  • Nicholas Everett
  • New Jersey's first permanent European settlement was in 1660.




    from New Jersey Colonial Documents

    March 16, 1749
    Henry Oxley was administrator of the estate of Hannah van Gelder (sister to Mary Everette) Amwell Township, Hunterdon County


    Hunterdon Wills

    1748-9, March 16. Vangelder, Hannah, of Amwell Township, Hunterdon. Int. Adm'r, Henry Oxley, of Hopewell, yeoman. Thomas Stilwell. of Amwell, yeoman, surety. Witness—Zaccheus Beebe.

    Hunterdon County was originally part of Burlington County, West Jersey. It was set off from Burlington County on March 11, 1714. It included Amwell, Hopewell, and Maidenhead Townships.

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